Citrix access via VPN 3005 concentrator w/WebVPN

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by slim, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. slim

    slim Guest


    I'm attempting to configure access to Citrix via web session. I know
    next to nothing about Citrix, so forgive my ignorance on some of the
    details. I'm trying to configure access to a Citrix published app via a
    WebVPN session on a 3005. Here's what I've done so far:

    - Upgraded to 4.7 code on the concentrator (to provide Citrix secure
    gateway functionality)
    - Enabled Citrix support under the WebVPN tab, Base Group
    - Created an internal Certificate Authority
    - Generated a signed SSL cert
    - Installed the CA cert and SSL cert on the concentrator
    - The SSL cert name FQDN matches the actual FQDN of the internal Citrix host


    - Open WebVPN session to https://"IP address"
    - Can login to the Citrix web app
    - When I click on the published app icon, it starts to load but fails
    with an SSL name resolution erro
    - I'm not too concerned, as Cisco warns that you can't utilize an IP
    address for the SSL must use the FQDN for the cert.
    - Again, the name of the SSL cert is the FQDN of the internal Citrix
    host (the hostnames and domain match)
    - Is this an issue?

    - Open WebVPN session to https://"FQDN"

    - Since I don't have the host info in DNS yet, I put the FQDN IP->name
    mapping in my hosts file
    - We can open a WebVPN session with the host entry with no problem.
    - Click on Citrix web client link, we receive the "Page cannot be
    found..." error.

    Has anyone ever got this scenario to work? Any help will be appreciated!
    slim, Jan 12, 2006
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  2. Hi,

    I have this scenario working with Citrix PS4 and a 3005. I can access
    the Citrix servers with the full web client and java client. I am
    currently working with the Citrix activeX client and that works as

    However, I am still working on getting that activeX client to push
    automatically when connecting through the 3005, The activeX client
    installs automatically when connecting directly to the Citrix Web
    Interface, but prodeces an error when trying to push through a wenVPN

    Let me know what type of Citrix client you are trying to use to connect
    to the Citrix server. Also, what version of Citrix Presentation Server
    and Web Interface are you using?
    keith.tarantino, Jan 31, 2006
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