Cisco VPN Client connects but no traffic passes through.

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Mephesto, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Mephesto

    Mephesto Guest

    Weird problem here, on 2 computers in my network.

    I work for a company that remotely controls some networks, often using
    the cisco vpn clients. Now, 2 computers within my netwerk i cant get to
    connect to any cisco vpn client site anymore.

    These same clients worked just fine for months, but now the past month
    1 just stopped working, and today another.

    I've tried to find out if it has got something to do with other
    software we use, but for as far as i can see there should be no
    conflict cause those pc's only use office 2003 and a small crm tool.

    Also it doesnt have anything to do with the windows updates.

    We use XP machines SP2 all up to date.

    Deinstalling and reinstalling the clients doesnt help much. They both
    use the latest cisco vpn client, as do the others in my network that
    dont show problems.

    Now i have got also 2 employees who work with the client at home but
    also there it stopped working..

    could anybody tell me a good way for really getting rid of these
    clients and all their components, do to a really fresh install? I
    really dont feel much like reinstalling the machines just for this

    thnx a lot for your thoughts.
    Mephesto, Jun 24, 2005
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