Cisco VPN client configuration - more than one vpn group

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Camilo, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Camilo

    Camilo Guest

    I want to be able to restrict access to my vpn users depending on the
    IP address assigned to them by the VPN server. I could do this by
    assigning different IPs to each of the different groups that access the
    vpn server so each group has a defined pool of IPs. My problem is, how
    can i define more than one vpn group using the same interface for the
    connection? I saw somebody made a configuration creating subinterfaces
    on the main interface and assigning different maps to each of them, is
    it possible to do it using only the main interface since I want
    everybody to connect to the same IP address ?


    Camilo, Aug 4, 2006
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  2. Camilo

    Camilo Guest

    Hey...never mind...i just figured it out....

    Camilo, Aug 4, 2006
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  3. Camilo

    AM Guest

    Hi CAmilo,

    I'm interested in that feature as well.
    May you tell me which device are you working with and post the essential part of the config file?


    AM, Aug 7, 2006
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