Cisco VPN Client 4.6 installation problems

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by trezaei, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. trezaei

    trezaei Guest


    I installed the (vpnclient-win-msi-4[1][1].6.04.0043-k9.exe) on my XP
    pro SP2 today and all my problems started.

    First off, I had SecureRemote which is another VPN installed at the
    time. So when the install of the Cisco was almost done, I got a blue
    screen and CRASH.

    When restarted, it said there was some new hardware which had to do
    with SecureRemote freaking out due to the new vpn, I uninstalled
    SecureRemote and disabled its "hardware" and tried to reinstall the
    Cisco client.

    Now every time I try to install it says that "Another version of this
    product is already installed ..." So it says that it will be removed
    and the PC has to be restarted. Well I hit okay and restart the PC. On
    restart, the install comes up and gives me the same damned message.

    There is no trace of Cisco in Add/Remove programs. I have followed the
    manual uninstall and removed all the oemX.inf files and still get the
    same problem.

    Can anyone tell me what I need to do to make this Cisco piece of Sh
    believe that its not on my machine and let it install already? PLEASE
    any suggestions would be great.

    Oh, and I have removed the registry keys for both Cisco and
    Deterministic as well but I am sure there is still some registry stuff
    in there I haven't gotten to. Please help.
    trezaei, Mar 2, 2006
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  2. trezaei

    trezaei Guest

    Okay so in case anyone has this probelm I finally resolved it.

    I basically went throught the registry (highlight My Computer first)
    and did a search for the word Cisco and removed every instance of it I
    could find. There was the InstallService which it would not let me
    remove but everything else is gone.

    Then I removed all the more recently created and oem.pnf files
    Also removed /windows/system32/drives/dne200.ddl
    And /windows/system32/dne
    I also removed anything it had put into
    Also removed the stuff in the temp folder

    So the combonation of all that is what really got it done.

    Now its installed and happy. I hope that helps some poor soul save the
    day I just wasted some day
    trezaei, Mar 2, 2006
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  3. trezaei

    Rob Guest

    I'm installing the Cisco VPN client at my work and we use SecuRemote
    now too. I have not had any problems, although I do make sure
    SecuRemote is not running as well as stopping the two services
    (Watchguard and something else) that SecuRemote uses.

    Rob, Mar 2, 2006
  4. El miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2006 23:58:28 UTC-3, escribió:
    felipe.paredes, Nov 25, 2013
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