Cisco ubr924, how to disable IOS updates from Adelphia

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by turcol, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. turcol

    turcol Guest


    I do have one of those ubr924, and it has been connected with Adelphia
    for almost 3 years, and it was working *uninterrupted* for more than
    7-8 months.

    Suddently, one day my service failed...and I could not connected
    anymore to internet..after a went throught the engineers at customer
    support (some of them are clueless), and they couldnt find the problem,
    I spend couple long days getting into the problem/solution.

    The problem was Adelphia had sent me an *updated* bios, that really was
    not an update, it was an *outdated* bios. The version I had installed
    was working with not problems for the last 3 years, and they decided to
    send this outdated version.... Immediatelly I called them and scaled
    the problem. They appreciated my troubleshooting efforts, and
    immediatelly say that I had all the reason, and they believe that what
    I had indicated was the problem, that they will talk with the
    enginnering group. Later they contact me and told me the engineer group
    had desided that the version they were sending was the best for most of
    their customer mmm ..I asked myself: who come a very old version could
    perform better that a new one, knowing that Cisco have published that
    such version have bugs?

    Well, I has been trying to see how I can disable my router from
    Adelphia IOS updates, because Adelphia is sending me every day an
    update (some days even twice) and after that my internet connection
    start with problems during the first few minutes, and after that is
    totally screw up, and I loss connection for good, until I again update
    the IOS version with my version.

    BTW, the IOS version that I am using and works properly is
    ubr920-k8o3v6y5-mz.122-16.bin, and Adelphia is sending me the version

    I already tried some commands, but they are not enabled on this IOS. I
    tried changing the name of the IOS (my version) with the name of the
    Adelphia version, and It did not work either.

    In advance, many thanks for any suggestions or tips you can give me.



    PS: Could you please reply to: t u r c o l nospam @ y a h o o . c o m
    ... . Just remove the word spam ..Thanks
    turcol, Jul 21, 2005
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  2. turcol

    Warren Guest

    It's their network. They get to pick.

    If you want to pick, you have to isolate your ubr924 from their network by
    putting it on the other side of a router.

    Warren H.

    Disclaimer: My views reflect those of myself, and not my
    employer, my friends, nor (as she often tells me) my wife.
    Any resemblance to the views of anybody living or dead is
    coincidental. No animals were hurt in the writing of this
    response -- unless you count my dog who desperately wants
    to go outside now.
    Have an outdoor project? Get a Black & Decker power tool::
    Warren, Jul 21, 2005
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  3. turcol

    Tim R. Guest

    Not familiar with the UBR924, but - if you can determine the IP port
    Adelphia is using to send the update, then could you block that port in
    Tim R., Jul 22, 2005
  4. turcol

    turcol Guest

    The update is done when Adelphia send a signal to the reboot the UBR924
    and add the following line to the config file, under the interface
    cable-modem boot file ubr920-k9v6y5-mz.122-5.bin
    where is the ip address of Adelphia tftp.

    I coudl try to block the port 69 (tftp) however I doubt that works,
    because the router (UBR924) execute the config file before to go to the
    filter level, where I can tru to stop any tftp traffic
    turcol, Jul 22, 2005
  5. turcol

    B.M. Wright Guest

    This is all done through DOCSIS and it's unlikely that you will
    be able to prevent it from happening. It's been a while since I used
    mine, gave up on it really after moving. It was working fine with Time
    Warner on the east coast but never worked right with Comcast in mid-west.
    I had to upgrade to a certain IOS before TWC worked because they were
    trying to set a bunch of crap via SNMP that the previous IOS knew
    nothing about. I suspect that it didn't work when I switched to Comcast
    due to similar issues but didn't have time to mess with it. One of the
    techs thought it was possibly due to them going from QAM 64 line coding
    to QAM 256 (more bandwidth) recently, but I checked and the UBR924 does
    in fact support QAM 256 so that wasn't it.

    These are great, they work well, have a couple of H.323 phone
    ports if you want to mess with getting those working, do real routing
    and tricks that are not possible with "consumer friendly" routers. The
    drawback is that they're usually never "officially supported" by any
    cable providers these days and even if you get it working your luck will
    probably eventually run out. Even though DOCSIS is a standard, there
    seem to be enough variables in the management side, that your
    modem/router may not work right depending on how much they try to
    "mangage" (or, is that mangle?) it.

    My advice, if you want to stick with Cisco for the power (and
    quirks) of IOS, is to go find a nice cheap dual ethernet Cisco 8xx,
    16xx, or maybe even an old 2514 (if you like to hear fan noise) and
    stick that behind a Motorola SB5100 or similar.
    B.M. Wright, Jul 22, 2005
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