Cisco switches W/ Avaya IP phones

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by How can I be down, May 6, 2004.

  1. Does anybody know how using DHCP to assign VLAN's to Avaya IP phones. We are
    using inline power 3550 switches. The port powers the phone which has 2 port
    switch built into it so the PC can be plugged into it. I don't know how to
    put the PC and the phone on different VLAN's.


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    How can I be down, May 6, 2004
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  2. How can I be down

    shope Guest

    i helped sort a system like this, but there may be other Avaya system
    layouts that work differently.

    not sure if the Avaya phones are even compatible with Cisco inline power -
    3550s only support the AVVID pre standard scheme, not 802.3af. Mind you, the
    Avaya phones are probably pre standard as well.....

    there are a bunch of DHCP options the phone needs to pick up.

    you need 2 vlans on the switch to phone link. 1st is for PCs on the PC /
    phone connection, and must not have an 802.1Q vlan tag (native VLAN in
    802.1Q speak). 2nd is the voice VLAN and needs to be tagged

    the phone boots twice - 1st time in the data VLAN, and some custom DHCP
    items tell the phone about its environment - e.g. the voice VLAN tag number.

    2nd DHCP happens in the voice VLAN, using some info picked up during the
    initial DHCP cycle.

    if it has the wrong code version, then after 1 of the DHCP cycles it
    downloads the code from a server (TFTP?), reboots and starts over.

    given how complicated this is and the various settings - you are going to
    need the Avaya docs to get it all going.
    shope, May 6, 2004
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  3. Your right about the 3550's. According to Cisco and Avaya the Avaya IP
    phones shouldn't work with the 3550. The Avaya tech's I've talked to could
    not tell me wether or not the phones would recognize an 802.1Q tag.
    How can I be down, May 6, 2004
  4. How can I be down

    admin too Guest

    We've done some testing with the Avaya IP phones and I would never plug my
    PC into an IP phone. Any IP phone. When the phones reboot (and they will
    sometimes for no reason) you've not only lost your phone for the three or
    four minutes it takes the phone to boot but also your PC is dropped off the
    net during this time. No thanks.

    But if you have to because running more copper is not an option, you have no

    The Avaya IP Office, being a hybrid system, works best for us because the
    factory can keep their analog phones, the office can use new D-term phones,
    the remote users can use the IP phones, and the branch locations can talk to
    each other and do least-cost routing via the data network, and do so with
    only one QoS setup, not one for every phone.
    admin too, May 6, 2004
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