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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Jim Saunders, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Jim Saunders

    Jim Saunders Guest

    Hello Again,

    I am trying to fugure out if there is a way to port forward whole ranges of
    ports. For example (below) for the Playstation 2 game SOCOM: US Navy Seal
    requires TCP Ports: 10070 - 10080 to be forwarded (in a Home NAT situation).

    Does any one know if there is an equivilent to the acl range XXX XXX feature
    in NAT to save having to enter countless lines of ...
    ip nat inside source static tcp 10070 interface Ethernet0/1
    ip nat inside source static tcp 10071 interface Ethernet0/1

    Ok I realise it is not really much of a bind entering 10 lines in this
    situation, but it would be nice and tidy if it could be done.



    p.s If anyone has any more playstation <-> setup tips please let me know.

    Cisco Configs - Port Forwarding for Playstation 2 Network Games

    The following config is to help Playstation 2 game players who wish to use
    the Playstation Network Adapter connected to the internet via a Cisco router
    for networked games, particularly in NAT (Network Address Translation)
    setups, like the Cable Modem Setup.

    Port Forwarding and NAT
    The problem with running NAT on a router is that it is only able to
    translate and forward packets from the internet to a machine within the
    'inside' network with prior knowledge of who it is intended for. When a
    machine within the 'inside' network (i.e. the Playstation 2 or Home PC)
    sends packets out through the router to a machine on the internet and the
    internet machine replies, the router is able to work out who the reply is
    intended for.

    But if a new machine or server out on the internet wants to start sending
    packets to a machine within the 'inside' network (i.e. the Playstation 2 or
    Home PC) it would try and initiate a new session, in this case the router
    has no previous knowledge of who the packets are intended for. Port
    forwarding is used to allow you to 'hard code' a specific a destination
    address and port within the 'inside' network, for all packets sent to the
    router from the internet on a specific port.

    Using a Cisco router it is easy to forward specific ports.

    Equipment Setup
    Install and Configure the Playstation 2 Network Adapter as per the
    instructions supplied, also see Installing the Network
    Adaptor (Ethernet) for PlayStation 2.

    Other computers may also be connected along with the Playstation 2 to the
    router using a Switch or Hub.

    Playstation 2 Network Address Setup
    To be able to use port forwarding the Playstation 2 must have a static IP
    address, as a dynamic IP address assigned with DHCP may change and this
    would mean that the Port Forward address would be incorrect. Setup a static
    IP address on the Playstation 2 as follows..

    1. Switch on your PlayStation 2 and insert your Network Access Disc.
    2. In the initial menu options, select Get Connected, then Advanced.

    3. Select Edit Network Settings and Manual Settings
    4. Enter a Static IP Address (for this example we will use

    5. Once you enter an IP Address, Netmask, and Default Router IP address,
    proceed to enter these DNS numbers
    6. From here you will also be able to go through the Network Adaptor setup,
    and be told of the MAC address of your Network Adaptor. It may be a good
    idea to write this MAC address and keep it somewhere safe, for future

    Which Ports do you need to forward?
    The basic ports that you will need to open in order to play PlayStation 2
    network games are:

    TCP Port: 53
    TCP Port: 80
    TCP Port: 443
    As well as allowing ICMP
    There may be other ports needed for specific games, the game manual should
    state which ports are required in order to play the game networked. The
    following games need ports opened:

    SOCOM: US Navy Seals and Twisted Metal Black Online

    TCP Ports: 10070 - 10080
    UDP Ports: 6000 - 6999
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 and Tony Hawk's Underground

    UDP Port: 5150
    FIFA 2004

    UDP Ports: 6000, 3658
    TCP Ports: 10400, 10401
    Frequency and Amplitude

    TCP Ports: 10070 - 10080
    UDP Ports: 10070
    Madden NFL 2003 and 2004

    UDP ports 1791, 1792, 9995 and 9996.
    Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

    TCP Ports: 13505, 14300
    UDP Ports: 3658, 3659, 6000, 6001 and 28500
    Cisco Configuration
    The configuration below is assuming that you have a working NAT
    configuration on the Cisco router, for more information see the Cable Modem
    Setup. Add the following lines to the Cisco config:

    ! Port forward basic TCP ports needed for Playstation 2 Network Gaming
    ip nat inside source static tcp 53 interface Ethernet0/1 53
    ip nat inside source static tcp 80 interface Ethernet0/1 80
    ip nat inside source static tcp 443 interface Ethernet0/1 443

    ! Port forward UDP port for Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4
    ip nat inside source static udp 5150 interface Ethernet0/1 5150

    This will take any packets sent from the internet to the router on the
    specific ports, and forward them onto the Playstation 2 (which in this case
    has the IP address

    It is also suggested that you make sure all ICMP packets are accepted, to do
    this add the following line to your access-lists.

    access-list 102 permit icmp any any

    note: Any other firewalls will also need to unblock the ports above.

    For More information Network Gaming Guides

    JLSNet Cisco Configs - Cable Modem

    "Playststion" is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    Jim Saunders, Mar 5, 2004
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