Cisco PIX 506e and 515e Nub question

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by red97rum, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. red97rum


    Apr 9, 2010
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    I'm looking to replace my current PIX 506en unit with a 515e model to allow more vpn connections. Is there an easy way to import the config from the current 506 model to the 515? I make a backup config file via tftp anytime I make changes in case I ever need to restore the 506. Is there some way I can make use of this file to help me configure the 515e? Like the title says: I'm a complete noob when it comes to configuring cisco equipment, but I really want to learn so if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be very appreciated.

    Cheers :beerglas:
    red97rum, Apr 9, 2010
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