Cisco & Netgear switch trunking

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Ned, May 3, 2007.

  1. Ned

    Ned Guest

    I have a Cisco 3750 with layer 3 switching for the VLANs working
    I have added a Netgear smartswitch GS748T. I have created the VLANS
    the Netgear switch; now I want to set up a trunk (DOT1Q) between the
    switches. I have the Cisco trunk set up, but I never did a Netgear
    trunk and am confused by the Web interface for trunking; firstly,
    should the ports in each VLAN be tagged or untagged. Secondly when
    setting up a trunk the netgear config screen has an "ID" column and
    "port numbers" - do I select and ID for each VLAN and tick the port
    that are in that VLAN?
    Is there a command line interface for the netgear or does it have to
    be accessed through the browser?
    TIA, Ned
    Ned, May 3, 2007
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  2. Ned

    Brian V Guest

    The "Trunk" in Netgear speak is not "Trunk" in Cisco speak. In Cisco "Trunk"
    is an interface that carries multiple vlans. In Netgear it is the binding of
    ports to create a larger pipe, which in Cisco we call a port channel.

    Under the port configuration area on the Netgear there should be a way to
    check off which VLAN's belong to a port. Once you check off multiple VLAN's
    it automagically creates the "Trunk".
    Brian V, May 3, 2007
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  3. Yep, the HP method of doing things. :) Amazing how much of their
    technology leaks out to other vendors.

    You want to tag each of your VLANs on the port that is your "trunk"
    port upstream to your 3750. It'll start doing what you want then.
    There is a CLI from what I remember, but the web interface is easier
    to use.
    Doug McIntyre, May 3, 2007
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