Cisco Equalivent of the Netopia R9100

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Ariel, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Ariel

    Ariel Guest

    What would be the Cisco equalivent of the Netopia R9100 Ethernet

    Thank you,
    Ariel, Feb 25, 2006
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  2. First of all, what functionality of the Netopia R9100 router do you need? Do
    you need an ISDN Backup? Do you need a router-to-router VPN? Do you need a
    scheduled connection? Based on this you can select what Cisco router is more
    suitable to your needs. But be aware that you are talking about 3-5 times
    more expensive routers.

    Here are a few examples which are comparable with Netopia R9100:

    Cisco 871 ($649)
    Cisco 871W - Wireless ($849)
    Cisco 1811 ($1295)
    Cisco 1812 ($1295)

    You can use the website and "build" the router you need.

    Good luck,

, Feb 25, 2006
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  3. Ariel

    Ariel Guest

    Hello Mike,

    Let me describe my network then I would appreciate any recommendations
    you might have.

    We currently have ten offices.
    6 branch offices use the Netopia 4541 ADSL router
    2 branch offices use the Netopia 3347NWG-ENT ADSL2+ router
    1 branch office uses the Netopia 4553 G.SHDSL router

    All branch offices connect to our primary office which uses the Netopia
    R9100 Ethernet router.

    To answer your questions Mike, we do not need ISDN backup, we do need a
    router-to-router VPN and currently the branch offices are the ones who
    have a scheduled connection set to connect to the primary office.

    The Netopia R9100 that we currently have has been crashing quite
    frequently. Even though Cisco is more expensive, I need something
    dependable for our main office. I am a network administrator, but VPNs
    are my weakest skill set so I would greatly appreciate any suggestions
    or recommendations anyone could give me.

    Thank you,
    Ariel, Feb 25, 2006
  4. Why do you want to replace your Netpia R9100? Do you have a performance
    issue? Do you need to rapidly increase a number of offices?

    Yes, you can get a good scalable solution with the Cisco equipment. By my
    practcal advice will be - "If it works - don't touch it."

    If you are looking to upgrade whole network infrastructure, then you could
    switch the vendor, but if you will have everything as is for a while - just
    keep the same equipment. Keep your routers firmware current, and it will

    Good luck,

, Feb 27, 2006
  5. Ariel

    Ariel Guest

    Since the Netopia R9100 has been put in, occassionally it kicks every
    VPN connection off and reboots. This causes all our remote offices
    e-mail to go down.

    Sometimes it will stop functioning and require someone locally to give
    it a cold-boot.

    Every now and then, I will log into it. Instead of going smoothly, it
    will start moving very slowly and shooting random ASCII charecters
    across the screen.

    Often it will give EXCEPTION errors in the log and lockups.

    My boss is getting frustrated and keeps yelling at me. To solve this I
    am looking for a replacment that is more reliable than the Netopia

    I can't take getting yelled at anymore. I need to purchase something
    reliable to replace our Netopia R9100. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you,

    Ariel, Feb 28, 2006
  6. Hi Ariel,

    I understand you. But again, before getting into the absolutely new world of
    Cisco devices I would recommend you to to check if all your units have the
    latest software, and upgrade if necessary.

    R9100 4.11.3
    4553 & 4541 5.4.1R0
    3447NWG 7.5.1R4

    If you still have a problem, I would recommend you to look at Cisco PIX
    firewall instead or Cisco router. It works better with VPN connections than
    the router (nothing wrong with a router either). Since you do not need to
    have a various WAN modules, PIX would be better choice.

    I would suggest to look at Cisco PIX 506 Firewall. The list price is $1395,
    but if you will find a right Cisco distributor, you can get up to 35-37%
    discount. Netopia website has a few Configuration Guides how to establish a
    VPN tunnel between Netopia and Cisco PIX. As a future expansion I would
    recommend you to replace all your Netopia routers with a Cisco PIX
    firewalls. For a small office you can buy Cisco PIX 501 for $995 list price.
    Though you will need to have external DSL modems.

    Theoretically you can get the same scenario using a Cisco routers (for
    example, Cisco 1800-series for your central office, and 800-series for youre
    remote offices).

    Good luck,

, Feb 28, 2006
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