Cisco Aironet 1200

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by rhltechie, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. rhltechie

    rhltechie Guest

    Hi All-

    we just got out cisco AP today. when i look at the device on the web
    interface, it has an ip obviously and everythign says up. but the
    radio LED is not on and it is not broadcasting. is there somethign
    special needed for basic functionality??

    rhltechie, Feb 25, 2005
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  2. rhltechie

    Uli Link Guest

    Your 1200 has a MiniPCI radio installed and antennas connected?
    You know what you're doing?
    The 1200 isn't intended for SoHo users who prefer a quick and easy setup.

    Try ask little smarter, and help is much nearer ;-)
    Uli Link, Feb 25, 2005
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  3. rhltechie

    rhltechie Guest

    I never said i was an expert, i deal with cisco every day. I have
    never dealt with a wireless device from them though. I was only
    looking for some starting pointers as to why the radio was not on.
    when i read the online documentation, it seems as though everything i
    read states the radio is automatically on after express setup. this
    not being my case. yes i do have external antenna's as well as the
    fold up. We are not a "SoHo" company. we got the aironet to service
    visitors to our site. thanks for the blasting...i appreciate it.
    rhltechie, Feb 25, 2005
  4. rhltechie

    Uli Link Guest

    An Aironet out of the box should have the radio started.
    In the Web Interface:
    Network Interfaces -> Radio0-802.11B (or G)
    Software Status, Hardware Status and Detailed Status.

    On the Express Setup Page's bottom ensure that for "Role in Radion
    Network" Access Point Root is selected (which is the default).

    Select Optimize Radio Network for "Range", or no 802.11b cards can
    associate with an 11G AP. (Not an issue with 11B AP)

    What is your wireless card?
    Uli Link, Feb 25, 2005
  5. rhltechie

    rhltechie Guest

    Thanks for your reply. Should the LED be lit? as it is not out of the
    box for me. Also, I think my firmware is old as my options are not the
    same, I still have the "Radio: module" and the settings arent exactldy
    as you stated, but almost. I have all my settings as you have said
    here. my wireless cards vary from simple linksys 1/b/g cards to
    orinoco built into some laptops. i have a wide variety of users, none
    of which can pick up a signal. i also have a wifi detector that has
    always been very reliable in picking up wifi networks, and the results
    from it are no signal.
    rhltechie, Feb 25, 2005
  6. rhltechie

    Uli Link Guest

    Yes. blinking green after booting has finished.
    If a WLAN station is associated the pattern is different, but still
    blinking green depending on network traffic.
    Even the oldest firmware works for a completely open setup.
    Even long before Aironet was aquired by Cisco.

    Is the background colour yellow instead of the Cisco typical green?
    Then it is running VxWorks and not IOS.
    Doesn't matter for now. Can be converted (later).

    There is a setting for shutting down the radio if the ethernet
    connection is lost.
    For IOS: Network Interfaces -> Radio0 802.11b or g -> Settings
    Role in Radio Network (Fallback mode...)
    Often it is set to "Radio Shutdown".

    When you open the "Services" page, "Hot Standby" must be disabled.

    Those feature didn't exist in VxWorks.

    No log entries after booting the AP?
    Watch the boot process on the serial console for more information.

    What is the type number on the backside of the AP?
    The Radio0' MiniPCI slot is on the bottom side. Needs a security torx to
    open one screw, then open the silver plate.

    The opening on the contrary side to the connectors panel is an
    (optional) 11a CardBus card. Not needed for operating 11b or 11g.

    If you can reach the AP via http and the Radio appears in Interface up
    status you have a running firmware on the AP. Ok for now.
    Even with *no* external antenna connected, you should be able to find
    the AP with your sniffer from less than one or two meters away.

    Check the hardware. Internal pigtails from the MiniPCI to the RP-TNC
    connectors, then the Antenna. Perhaps the HF Radio part of the card is
    blown (Lighting?). Not usual if the AP's case was never opened before.
    But if someone opened the case for exchanging the radio the pigtails are
    very sensitive parts, a small damage is hard to see but can be fatal at
    2.4 GHz.

    11B MiniPCI radios for the 1100 or 1200 APs often appear on ebay after
    companies upgrading to 11G or you can order the upgrade kit.
    I would swap some known working parts just to be sure what needs exchange.
    Uli Link, Feb 25, 2005
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