Cisco Aironet 1200, how do I intelligently expand my coverage using 2 access points

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by norsak2000, May 24, 2006.

  1. norsak2000

    norsak2000 Guest


    My office currently has 1 cisco 1200 accesspoint for all wireless

    - It uses a local MAC list to restrict access
    - It uses 128bit WEP encryption
    - it has a highgain antena

    This Access point currently functions completely independent of any
    other network components.

    Now I bought a second one, it's twin.
    In plain english: I want these two access points to act as one.
    I want one at each end of the Building, giving us more complete
    coverage using a single MAC access-list, one SSID, and one WEP key.

    Now I need some help on configuring these 2 APs.
    I started by playing with WDS. I'm not even sure if that is the
    correct acronym to be fooling around with given my objective.

    Any advice on what I should configure first would be greatly

    - Martin
    norsak2000, May 24, 2006
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  2. norsak2000

    Chris Guest

    WDS will kind of do what you want, but there are better ways -- I'm not
    sure what they are with specific Cisco equipment, though. Using
    non-Cisco stuff I just gave two APs the same SSID and the same WEP key
    and they integrated flawlessly.

    Chris, May 24, 2006
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  3. norsak2000

    Merv Guest

    If the AP's are going to be on the same subnet then you can use simple
    layer 2 roaming - use same SSID, same WEP key and same MAC address

    Make sure the the channel set for each AP are 5 channels apart.
    Merv, May 24, 2006
  4. norsak2000

    BG Guest

    you could just copy the exact config file, change the hostname and channel
    and be all set.
    BG, May 25, 2006
  5. norsak2000

    norsak2000 Guest

    Ok, this is workable.

    I have like 40+ MAC addresses already in the first AP, so copying those
    was way more work than I wanted.
    Copying the config is so obvious that it never occurred to me.

    So if I ....
    - copy the config
    - change the hostname and the ethernet IP address
    - switch to a different channel

    Then The only added problem is that new laptops need to have their MAC
    entered into 2 different devices. I can live with that. If I ever
    suspect that the are out of sync I can alwasy copy one config to the

    Thanks for the input, I now know what I going to try.

    - martin
    norsak2000, May 26, 2006
  6. norsak2000

    Merv Guest

    I have like 40+ MAC addresses already in the first AP, so copying those
    was way more work than I wanted.

    Copying the MAC address filter using CLI should have been very easy or
    were you using some sort of GUI? If so strongly suggest learning the
    Merv, May 26, 2006
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