Cisco 877 SDM Express loss of connectivity

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Antonio, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Antonio

    Antonio Guest


    I´m a newbie in programing cisco routers, in the manuals for
    configuring 2 Wlan. they indicate to use SDM Express, and then use the
    SDM, but when i finish to use the SDM express in the same default net
    ( i loss connectivity and can´t ping the router in: só i can´t install SDM and finish the config...
    I reset the router with the 5 seconds reset buton and the putty using
    erase startup-config and reload several times but alway the same
    result in the ping command: transmit failed, error code 1231...
    I switch the router (I have 2 to configure...) it´s something what i

    Can you please help me.

    Thank a lot.

    Antonio, Jun 1, 2007
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