Cisco 770 - timeout problem

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by John Geddes, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. John Geddes

    John Geddes Guest

    I am using a Cisco 770 Series to connect to my ISP over dialup ISDN

    I have reset to factory defaults using "set def" and then used the
    Fast Step procedure to setup the parameters for this connection.

    Everything is great EXCEPT that the "call tear down" threshold remains
    at the default of 360 seconds - whatever I try to do to change it.

    There is no problem setting a different value with "timeout" or "set
    timeout" - the router happily tells me that the new value is set. But
    if I place a call, the router just ignores the new timeouts (even
    after reboot) and sticks to 360 seconds!

    Have I missed some setting which is over-riding the Timeout setting?

    John Geddes

    "version" shows:

    Software Version c760-in.r.NET3 4.1(2) - Nov 12 1997 19:11:11
    Cisco 771
    ISDN Stack Revision NET3 2.10

    Hardware Configuration:
    DRAM: 1.5MB
    Flash: 0.5MB
    POTS: Not Installed
    NT1: Not Installed
    ROM: 2.1(1)

    "Show Demand" produces:

    Demand Calling Parameters Link 1 Link 2
    Connection Type Auto ON Auto ON
    Threshold 0 kbs 48 kbs
    Duration 1 sec 1 sec
    Source LAN BOTH
    Timeout (call tear down) Parameters
    Threshold 0 kbs 58 kbs
    Duration 75 sec 65 sec
    Source BOTH BOTH
    AOCDTimeout OFF
    John Geddes, Dec 28, 2003
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