Cisco 7200 Simulator (boot from Cisco IOS )

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by realhelix, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. realhelix

    realhelix Guest

    In the URL you cand find the brief:
    "At this time, the emulator I have programmed is able to boot a large
    number of Cisco IOS releases available for the 7200 platform, including
    the latest 12.2S and 12.4. "

    [email protected]:
    1.Use your network adapter work with the emulator
    dynamips -p

    You can find the info ""\Device\..." in Ethereal( or "dynamips
    -e"),also you can capture the IP packet which come from the emulator.So
    you can use it combine with network device or
    Zebra( ,Quagga( in
    VMWare's Virtual Network.

    2.Three emulator interlinkage
    $ dynamips -p 0:C7200-IO-FE:udp:10001: image.bin

    $ dynamips -p 0:C7200-IO-FE:udp:10002: -p
    1A-FE-TX:udp:10003: image.bin

    $ dynamips -p 0:C7200-IO-FE:udp:10004: image.bin
    realhelix, Feb 22, 2006
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