Cisco 6500 Core Switches and Clear arp-cache

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by John Brooks, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. John Brooks

    John Brooks Guest

    We have two 6500 series core switches on our network and after we do a
    clear-arp-cache it takes about 7 hours unit our internal computers on
    the network can browse the internet with on port 80 with arp. HTTPS
    web sites are not affected. Does anyone have any ideas on what might
    be causing this? thank you
    John Brooks, Jul 25, 2004
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  2. John Brooks

    PES Guest

    Clearing the arp cache should not affect http port 80 sites any differently
    than https on port 443. Also note that arp is only significant local
    interfaces, it does not survive the first layer 3 hop. I would plug a
    sniffer in and take a look. This doesn't make much sense. Are you using a
    PES, Jul 25, 2004
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  3. John Brooks

    Solomon Guest

    What OS the cats are running? Hybrid/native?

    I agree clear arp cache should not affect any? So when you do have
    problems after clear arp.., were your clients able to ping the
    inetrnet addresses? if you are using a proxy server.., you may want to
    start your troubleshooting from there.

    Give us more info..
    Solomon, Jul 26, 2004
  4. John Brooks

    John Brooks Guest

    Yes we are running to squid proxy servers and in the past I have
    questioned this as the problem however I am told by the managing group
    of those boxes that this is not the problem but a problem with the
    transparent proxy.
    John Brooks, Jul 29, 2004
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