Cisco 4402 Wireless Controller + AIR-LAP1130AG

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by cristi27, Nov 16, 2006.

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    Sep 4, 2006
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    I need to install a wireless network at work and I have some problems :(
    Never worked before on Cisco Wireless and also never seen before one in real work..
    Let me explain my problems, maybe there is someone with some working experince on Cisco wireless to help me.
    So..I have a 4402 wireless controller, one 3750 Switch and 8 AP's (LAP 1130AG), to make it work :)
    The goal is to make it work and let's say when I open a laptop with a wireless card, to be able to conect to 3 different networks (each network -> a /24 prefix -->A.B.C.D/24)
    Until now, on the controller I've done that:
    1. setting the interfaces:
    - ap-manager - vlan 99, IP, dynamic AP management enabled
    - management - vlan 99, IP
    - service-port - IP
    - virtual - IP
    - vlan2 - vlan 2, IP
    - vlan3 - vlan 3, IP
    2. creating 3 WLANs:
    - WLAN 1 - "management" at interface name, no security
    - WLAN 2 - "vlan 2" at interface name, no security
    - WLAN 3 - "vlan 3" at interface name, no security
    3. assigning the 3 WLANs to 3 interfaces: management, vlan2, vlan3
    4. setting the internal dhcp of the controller to asign IP's to AP's
    Because when I've tried to use L2 LWAPP i didn't manage to associete the AP with the controller, i decided to use L3 LWAPP.
    The controller can controll now the AP, the dhcp assign an IP, and so the AP is ok. In the actual configuration, the port on the C3750 to the controller is in trunk mode, allowing only vlan 2,3 and 99. The access port to the AP is in vlan 99. I've also attach an C831 with dhcp enabled (for vlan 2, - so the port on C3750 to C831 is in vlan 2.
    The results: the AP is associated with the controller in L3 mode, getting IP from the internal dhcp server of the controller. When I try to connect with a wireless card to any of the WLAN's, i see all the right WLANs, but:
    - when I try to connect to WLAN 1, using dhcp--> no network connection.
    - when i try to connect to WLAN 1, using a static IP from range, all seems OK, all tests are pass.
    - when I try to connect to WLAN 2 or 3, using static IP or dhcp, I didn't get the network connections, radio seems ok...
    Using dhcp i don't get an IP from any of the WLANs. On C831 (dhcp server for vlan 2 - WLAN 2) nothing happens...I can ping from C831 the interface of the controoler and vice-versa.
    In WLAN 1, with static IP, all seems ok, but i still can not ping or (the IP's on the controller)
    There are so many options on this controller :(. I guess I did something wrong, or I must do something else, but i can figure out what :(
    I am managing the controller from a computer directly connected to the service-port of the controoler, using GUI...
    Any advice will be good I guess, I am kind of stuck here :(
    cristi27, Nov 16, 2006
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