Cisco 350 card, XP and Windows Updates

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, May 5, 2005.

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    I am using Cisco 1200 AP with LEAP authentication that has been working
    steadily for almost a year. There are six regular clients connecting through
    this AP. Three desktops are using Cisco 350 PCI cards, and run Windows XP
    SP2, and two are laptops using Cisco 350 PCMCIA cards, also running Windows
    XP SP2. There is also a Windows 2000 Pro SP4 machine with a 350 PCI card.
    All worked smoothly until some automatic updates were pushed out a couple
    weeks ago in our organization. The one Win2k machine still has no problems,
    but the five XP machines connect and authenticate, but disconnect for a few
    seconds every 2 - 4 minutes, causing you to have to reauthenticate. You can
    always reauthenticate, but it happens every couple minutes. The problem only
    manifests when using the 350 cards. I've tried several other cards, and
    there is no problem with them. The updates that were installed immediately
    prior to the problem were:
    kb 890923
    kb 893066
    kb 893086
    kb 890859
    Win Installer 3.1

    I've tried a system restore to just before the updates, but it didn't fix
    the problem. I've also tried upgrading the firmware on the cards to the
    latest that Cisco offers, but still no change. Has anyone else seen anything
    Guest, May 5, 2005
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