Cisco 2950 and Huawei switch not talking over fibre

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Steve Williamson, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Hi all, hope someone can give some advice on here, cos we're stumped.
    Below is the e-mail that I've been sending to anyone that knows
    anything about ciscos:

    Huawei Quidway S3900 (cheap cisco knockoff). It's a 48 port switch
    with 4 SFP ports. We have one SFP connector that supplies fibre to a
    cisco (2950 with two built-in fibre ports) in another building. There
    is another cisco 2950 in the same cabinet as the Huawei, connected via
    ethernet. The cisco switch in the other building (connected via Fibre
    from the Huawei) is connected to two other ciscos in a third building
    (2950 & a 2900XL) via ethernet. In addition to this, there are seven
    ciscos and another Huawei connected to the cisco in the first building
    (access switches only).

    The problem we are having is that when we bring the fibre link up, the
    cisco in the same cabinet as the Huawei becomes inaccessible - even
    console commands are not accepted. There are no output errors on the
    switch, it just refuses to do anything and has to be manually

    At the other end of the fibre link the cisco 2950 accepts console
    commands and the fibre port shows up and connected, but traffic will
    not pass between the cisco and the Huawei.

    We suspect that some sort of root bridge election is taking place
    automatically. We noted that one of the cisco switches in the third
    building was becoming the root bridge. We suspect this is preventing
    traffic from traversing the fibre link.

    The switch that automatically elected itself as "root bridge" was
    turned off, and at that point, a different cisco switch was
    incorrectly elected as the root bridge.

    When we first tested this scenario, we did get problems with cisco on
    the end of the fibre connection putting the port into blocking mode
    because of BPDU's recieved from the Huawei. We set the command
    "spanning-tree bpdufilter enable" on the problematic port on the
    cisco, which put the port into a "forwarding" state and allowed
    traffic to pass briefly, however the root bridge election then kicked
    in and the traffic stopped.

    Hope someone can make sense of this. If necessary I can send a network
    diagram that will show things a bit more clearly.

    Thanks in advance
    Steve Williamson, Aug 8, 2007
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