Cisco 2610 back to back serial connection problem - please help

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by pandula, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. pandula

    pandula Guest

    I have two 2610 routers connected back to back using serial
    interfaces, and router 1 connected to ISP using another seial
    interface. Router 2 I use for connecting the client networks. Using
    the back to back cable traffic shaping is done.

    My downlink is 2Mbps and uplink 512Kbps. But most of the time my
    uplink exceeds the limit and ISP starts complaining. And the worest is
    some of my users are using Net2phone and they cant hear the remote
    party most of the time. I suspect this uplink overloading as the
    reason for that too.

    The biggest problem is i cant figure out how this happens, cos i have
    no way of monitoring activity of these ports by protocolwise.I have
    MRTG but it's not a solution for my problem.

    And most of all I cant identify the exact point (interface) where all
    these uploads genetrate because the equation of the counter values
    does not give a proper idea (input counter values in bits/sec <>
    output couner values). and the upload requests from users are far less
    from the amount recorded at the back to back interface of the router

    Is it a RAM problem in the routers or something else? Please help me
    in this issue because the users are always complaining of slow speeds.
    And most of all I want to find out fro where these uploads generate...

    Thanks in advance..
    pandula, Jul 10, 2003
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  2. pandula

    Luc D.B. Guest

    High upload utilization can impact downloads as ACK packet can't go back
    to the sender. Peharps is this youtr problem. Configuring high priority
    Luc D.B., Jul 10, 2003
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