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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Pazzeo, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Mar 7, 2011
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    hi guys,

    I have a big problem that is driving me crazy.

    Here my configuration:

    Dialer1 Ethernet0/0
    --------------> Router 1481-------------------->Firewall----------->LAN MGT

    Dialer1: is the ISDN interface used to open a VPN from the external.
    Ethernet 0/0: is the interface of the Router 1481 in the internal lan (ip

    Firewall: it is the firewall of the internal nat, with ip

    Lan MGT: it is another lan behind the firewall, ip

    From the external VPN, I can access only to ip in the lan
    So i would like to access to an host in the Lan MGT, for example, using a virtual ip (using the nat destination). The problem is that it does not work.

    In the cisco 1481 i configure the following parameters:

    ip route
    Adding this in the router i can ping the host from the internal interface. The strange thing is that i don't see any arp information for the executing the following command:
    show ip arp
    Then i add the static nat command:

    ip nat source inside static
    But it does not work, I suppose because in the arp i have no entries for the ip

    How could I solve the problem?
    Thanks a lot,

    Pazzeo, Sep 27, 2012
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