Cisco 1812

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by stefano.codari, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    i would like to know if someone has never used this router.
    I read that this model is able to work with WAN failover on the two
    FastEthernet , in which way it do this?
    Is it possible use this router to implement this schema?

    | |------DMZ ( 10.10.0.x)
    ----WAN2---|-------LAN (172.18.1.x)

    stefano.codari, Jul 21, 2006
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  2. stefano.codari

    Bob Guest

    I have never used this router.
    Bob, Jul 21, 2006
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  3. Hi Stefano,

    High-Speed Failover Diagram:

    You may wish to investigate Cisco 1800 Configuration Guides:


    Brad Reese
    BradReese.Com - Connect Non-VoIP End Devices To Cisco CallManager
    1293 Hendersonville Road, Suite 17
    Asheville, North Carolina USA 28803
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    International: 828-277-7272
    Fax: 775-254-3558
    AIM: R2MGrant
    BradReese.Com - Cisco Technical Forums
    www.BradReese.Com, Jul 21, 2006
  4. www.BradReese.Com, Jul 21, 2006
  5. stefano.codari, Jul 24, 2006
  6. stefano.codari

    GG Guest

    fantastic, just the documentation I need

    GG, Aug 15, 2006
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