CHDK NEWS: New Allbest Build - In Camera RAW Frame Stacking ... and MORE

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by G.Alberts, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. G.Alberts

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    PowerShot Fans have some new toys to enhance their photography needs. First it
    was shutter speed overrides from 65 seconds to 1/64,000 of a second. All with
    perfect flash sync mind you. Something that focal-plane shutters, i.e. DSLRS,
    can NEVER and will NEVER do. Then it was getting new f/stops to f/16. Then we
    got high-speed Tv, Av, ISO, and Focus bracketing to as many frames as you need
    by any step value that you desire. But it just keeps getting better and better.

    Now you can do astrophotography frame stacking IN YOUR CAMERA. Also useful for
    special effect or strobe-stop multi-frame motion studies without using any
    editing software to merge your images, just by using menu options in your camera
    alone. There's also a new in-camera "RAW Develop" feature so that you can
    process your RAW file into a JPG file for in-camera review of your desired
    results. No need to even load your files into a computer and using RAW editing
    software to see your stacked images. Do it all IN YOUR CAMERA.

    The new "RAW Merge Sum" feature allowing you to take many minutes or hours long
    exposures at any ISO that you want with no noise issues. The more frames stacked
    the more the noise that gets averaged out. Summed & Averaged noise being an
    inverse-square function. Average 4 frames together to get 1/2 the noise levels
    or one ISO setting lower. 16 frames taken at ISO800 will give you the noise
    levels as if taken at ISO100, (the square root of 16, or 4EV steps lower). Use
    the "RAW Merge Avg" feature to obliterate any noise issues when using high ISOs
    at high shutter speeds without affecting exposure levels, as would happen with
    the "Sum" process.

    For further information see:
    G.Alberts, Dec 29, 2007
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