Changing the Drive Letter [Seagate 80GB]

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by chillster13, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. chillster13

    chillster13 Guest

    My seagate 80GB hard drive screwed up but I had it replaced for free. I
    managed to
    install win XP professional after partitioning the hard drive using the
    partition tool that
    comes during the setup of winxp.I instaled winxp in C: drive. During
    Installation however I had
    my DVD drive and my CD-RW drives attached because of which they assumed
    the next
    D: and E: letters while the remaining 3 more partitions had to assume
    F: G: and H: .
    Although Im pretty sure this isnt any problem I want to change the DVD
    and CD-RW drive
    letters to the last ie G: and H: [like most others have] and rearrange
    the others.

    Also I have many programs and softwares installed on my computer now.
    Will changing the drive letter affect them? [system reg and stuff?]

    Please tell me how o safely make the change whilst not affecting
    the software

    chillster13, Jan 13, 2006
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  2. chillster13

    Unk Guest

    How to Change Windows XP Drive Letter Assignments:

    Login as the Administrator or as a Member of the Administrators Group.
    Right-click My Computer, Manage, Computer Management, Disk Management,
    right-click the drive, Change Drive Letter and Paths, Change, Assign the following drive letter,

    If you want to change the letter on a drive which is already assigned to another drive, you may
    have to assign an unused letter to the other drive first. In other words, shuffle the drive
    letters around until you have the desired combination. You may have to restart Windows to
    complete an assignment before making another one. One cannot assign a new letter to the boot
    partition/drive. Some programs reference the drive letter of a CD-ROM drive etc. and will have
    to be reconfigured or reinstalled if the drive letter is changed.

    Reference: HOW TO: Change Drive Letter Assignments in Windows XP
    Unk, Jan 13, 2006
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