Changing from old comp to new comp & keeping data

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ronhumuk, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. ronhumuk

    ronhumuk Guest

    I want to transfer all data and networking from my old computer o/s
    win 2000 to my new computer o/s win xp
    Cheers Jake
    ronhumuk, Apr 25, 2007
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  2. ronhumuk

    N KOCHER Guest

    I know there is a utility software that allows to transfer no only the
    data but also your old settings and Fav. etc. Unfortunately I can't
    remember that right now you might want to search on Google. If I can
    remember it I will post it here --Good Luck
    N KOCHER, Apr 28, 2007
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  3. test
    Michael Walchshofer, Apr 28, 2007
  4. fxxx off
    Elisabeth Himmer, Apr 28, 2007
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