Change Default Bookmark Direcotry

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Kevin Cornwell, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. I want to my bookmarks to save to a directory that I choose rather
    than the $profile$ directory. Anyone know how?
    Kevin Cornwell, Dec 4, 2004
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  2. Kevin Cornwell

    Ralph Fox Guest

    On 4 Dec 2004 13:23:42 -0800, in message

    You haven't said, so I assume you are using Mozilla, and not for
    example Mozilla Firefox.

    1. Place a copy of the bookmarks.html file in a directory that you choose.

    2. From the Bookmark Manager window, use
    Tools -> Open Bookmark File
    and select the bookmarks.html file which you have already placed in
    a directory that you choose.

    This tells Mozilla to use this bookmarks.html file in this directory
    as the bookmarks file.


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    somewhere else." -- Sam Walton
    Ralph Fox, Dec 5, 2004
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  3. Kevin Cornwell

    :: BRIAN :: Guest

    I share bookmarks between Mozilla and Firefox. You can add the
    following information to your user.js file. This information is from
    the "Firefox: Tips and Tricks" section. This will work with
    both Firefox and Mozilla.

    // Specify which bookmarks file to use:
    user_pref("browser.bookmarks.file", "C:\\Path To Netscape
    :: BRIAN ::, Dec 5, 2004
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