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Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by CS, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. CS

    CS Guest

    Greetings all.

    I've been in the computer industry for a number of years and have never
    needed to get certified on anything. Not that I really need to now, but I
    have been considering getting certified in some areas just so I become a
    little more marketable. I've got a lot of hardware and OS expierence and
    was wondering how to best go about getting prepared for the A+ test?

    Also, is there a place online where I can take a practice exam (perferably
    free) to see how good my knowledge level is now?

    Thanks & Happy Holidays to all!

    CS, Dec 23, 2004
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  2. CS

    Jamco Guest

    I just took the A+, i was surprised at just how easy it was. I used the
    examcram 2 guide, and some free tests on freecomptia.com
    I got between 80-100% on the freecomptia practice sites, so if your in the
    same range you should be set.

    Good luck
    Jamco, Dec 23, 2004
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  3. CS

    AgentX Guest

    Happy Holidays!

    First off, I too am have been in the industry for years and never needed
    certification until now.
    I studied for A+ using Michael Meyer's Passport series A+ book. I also used
    the free tests
    on freecomptia.com, and the software that came with the Passport book. I
    read this book 2 or 3 times thru.
    When I got most of the quiz questions right in the book and freecomptia, I
    knew I was ready.
    I passed both A+ tests on my first attempt. That material together with my
    experience got me thru.
    It was especially good, because my skin-flint, cheap-ass company wouldn't
    pay for any of my A+ training/test taking, etc.

    I have since gotten Server+ as well, which I found more challenging due to a
    lack of good study material.

    Good luck and I hope this helped!
    Now for Network+ !!
    AgentX, Dec 24, 2004
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