cellphone to voIP speech recognition

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Chameleon, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Chameleon

    Chameleon Guest


    "... downloaded and tested this new Personal Audio Link app.... looking

    for beta testers, ... send and receive e-mail by voice, get instant
    traffic/weather, listen to podcasts/blogs/feeds etc., etc. navigating
    by voice.. and it works incredibly well. "



    This application's voice interface is really impressive:
    For "road warriors" like us, using a cellphone to do all it offers,
    particulary e-mail, is worth mentioning in the forum.
    We develop headsets, and it is unherard of to get this type of speech
    recognition performance from a cell phone -
    Definitely try this.

    Chameleon, Apr 14, 2006
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