CDMA based USB MODEM LOCKED while trying to remove the message MINOUT OF RANGE.

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Dreamskape, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Dreamskape

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    I have a SIT_1x_usbMODEM that is locked by service provider because i
    uninstalled and reinstalled the MODEM while removing the NEW SIM too
    many times. This led to the service Provider (TATA) to lock the Modem.

    No local shops have knowledge about the USB MODEM in the "IT City of
    Hyderabad". They call the city, an IT HUB. But they cannot rectify a
    small problem with the USB MODEM. Most of them cant even recognize it
    and say that it is PEN DRIVE until I show them the SIM. If I can get
    the unlock code, I can use it through AT command to use the MODEM.

    The MODEM is CDMA based and uses Qualcomm Technology drivers and there
    is no such thing that only the SIM provided with the device is to be

    I have asked the call center to give me the unlock code but they wont.
    They want me to come over to their service center. But I cant leave my
    one man business pursuing them. I spent 2600INR on it and then 300 on
    the SIM. Now I am repenting. I could have put some extra money and got
    a GPRS phone and use the hack my friends use to access the internet
    for free! But I go by rules.

    Anybody having idea about this, please help me.
    Dreamskape, Mar 5, 2009
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