CDFS partition on Flash drive. . .

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Tony Sperling, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Tony Sperling

    Mort Arditti Guest

    Tony & other similar victims,

    Your experience is identical to mine. You too have been fleeced by the
    corrupt business practices of the flash manufacturer. Since the situation is
    so similar to mine, I am going to mention the company, it is SanDisk and the
    drive is U3 type. The minor difference between us is that in my case it is a
    friend’s drive and I am handling this situation.
    Even though the small partition is a small fraction of the total, this is
    fraud! The dishonest manufacturer does not deliver the memory capacity you
    paid for.

    My approach was to write a very nasty letter to the company’s CEO (see below
    for the name and address) and accused them for fraud and demanded corrective
    action. Within a few days, one of their people contacted me and informed
    that I can not repartition the drive. The scheme they use is to make the
    small partition appear as a CD, file system is CDFS. Attempting to
    re-partition may render the entire drive – dead. I informed them that unless
    the problem is corrected, I will publicize it by writing to magazines,
    calling radio talk shows (computer related) etc. “As the saying the pen is
    mightier than the swordâ€. I lieu of a pen I used a word processor and fought
    them back. THEY ARE CROOKS!
    The bottom line is that they sent me a replacement drive, one partition and
    no crap on it. Very likely SanDisk is paid to embed the promotional crap on
    the drive, while the users are cheated by not having the memory capacity they
    paid for. I strongly urge every VICTIM to write to the company’s CEO. If
    anyone would like to have a copy of my letter, I would be glad to email it.
    It is Microsoft Word format. These crooks must be made aware that they must
    practice HONEST marketing. There is strength in numbers.

    The CEO and address: Mr. Eli Harari, CEO
    SanDisk Corporation
    601 McCarthy Blvd
    Milpitas, Ca. 95035

    If you would like a copy of my letter, please contact me at:

    I hope this helps

    Mort Arditti, Jun 21, 2008
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  2. Tony Sperling

    Bill Guest

    Got the same thing on a 320GB Acomdata USB hard drive. The CDFS partition
    is 120MB and contains a worthless backup utility and other crap. It was
    advertised as such (Hybrid Drive) so I guess I have no recourse. Still, I
    don't like it and wish I could remove the CDFS partition, but a readme on
    the partition states it is impossible.

    Bill, Jun 21, 2008
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  3. Thanks, Mort!

    I have to confess, initially I was tormented by much the same thoughts, but
    the issue - as you'll see if you read the thread through - is easily solved,
    and much to the companies credit, they actually have it openly listed and
    available on their website!

    What I cannot understand is that a company that foresees difficulties and
    employs work-arounds for solving those, does not put the utility on to that
    very CDFS partition with a README instead of hiding it on their site and not
    telling anybody about it?

    I usually do not log on to those sites for registration or whatever, so
    there is little chance that I would ever have found this without the kind
    intervention of Robert McMillan. In the future, whenever I experience
    'wrinkles' that need to be ironed out - I am quite sure that I will at least
    go there and have a look. Alternatively, this is usually also a good spot
    from where to contact Product Support by e-mail, which will often also give
    you a quick solution!

    To Bill - 'Hybrid Drive, huh'? This should teach us to analyze the language
    of the add's very closely in the future. I cannot say if your 'Acomdata'
    would benefit from the same kind of treatment, but I think there's a very
    good possibility that there could be something for this purpose on the
    company site - or, as I said: contact Support by e-mail and ask them a
    reasonably nicely composed question. I suppose what the README is telling
    you is that you cannot remove it yourself (as we have found out) by ordinary
    intervention - but if SanDisk can do it, so can they and there can be no
    reason for them to not provide the assistance. Not unless their business is
    to aggravate! If it is, try the SanDisk utility, it apparently reformats
    everything as FAT 32 - which could be a problem with your 320GB, after which
    you should be able to reformat it again as NTFS if you want.

    Good Luck!

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, Jun 21, 2008
  4. Tony Sperling

    Mort Arditti Guest


    It appears that that these dishonest people get paid to imbed crap on their
    drives. It occupies some of the capacity and the user is short changed.
    They make the drive ‘look like’ a CD. You may try and see if Acomodata has
    some utility the clear their trash. After my posting, I searched and found
    the U3 site. SanDisk U3 drive use the U3 technology to imbed their trash on
    the flash drive. The U3 site did have a utility to clean up the drive.

    The interesting part is that the SanDisk person was not aware of any utility
    to clear up the drive. Looks like they are all messed up.

    Going back to the Acomodata hard drive. If they do not have a utility, here
    is an old fashioned idea. Remove the drive from the case. If the Hard disk
    is PATA drive, use an older computer with a floppy drive. Get hold of an
    older WIN ME boot floppy disk. Connect the hard drive as a master drive in
    the old computer, set the bios to boot from the floppy. Boot the computer
    and let it boot without CD support. At the A: prompt, select FDISK which is
    the hard drive utility. In this utility it will give you the option to
    delete partitions. Note that you will have the option to delete DOS and none
    DOS partitions. Possibly, here you will be able to delete the unwanted
    partition. Once you do this follow the instruction. It may help if you can
    get hold of an old DOS 6.2 book.

    Once you repartition the drive, go back to the A: prompt and format the hard
    drive. It will be FAT 32. Once you have that and if you use the drive in
    WINDOWS XP, you can convert to NTFS. I hope this helps

    Good luck.

    Mort Arditti, Jun 21, 2008
  5. Tony Sperling

    Mort Arditti Guest


    My issue with SanDisk is that they use deceptive promotion.
    They sell a 4 GB flash drive and deprive the user from some of the total
    When I first tried to use their ‘removal’ download it did not work. Tech
    support was mostly Tech NO support. It took two days from them to reply and
    they did not suggest going their site for a removal tool. When I wrote to
    the CEO, one of his ‘lieutenants’ send me an email and offered to send a CD
    with proper file to fix the problem. When I replied if it will also delete
    the unwanted small U3 partition, at first it was yes and the next email it
    was no and he provided a link to fix the problem. The link did not work. At
    that point he suggested that the partition can only be removed by SanDisk.
    He apologized and sent me another drive (I should receive it within a few
    Now it became a challenge for me. I searched for U3 and came across the U3
    site. They had the proper tool to delete the partition which did work.
    Just for fun, I went to store and looked at the SanDisk 4GB, U3 flash drive.
    Next to the 4 GB, there was tiny asterisk. On the back of the package, in
    very small print there was some text about the embedded crap. Their whole
    approach is deceptive and removal difficult. Very likely, it is part of
    their contractual agreement with the vendors who pay to install junk on the
    My anger is about their deceptive marketing and lousy, horrible SanDisk
    support. Possibly, part of the difficulty in removing the trash is also part
    of their agreement with junk trash providers.

    Mort Arditti, Jun 21, 2008
  6. Tony Sperling

    Bill Guest

    Well, I did a little searching and found a utility from OnTrack that removed
    the CDFS partition. It completely removed all partitions and left me with
    one large unformatted partition. I got it from this link

    The author states he has permission from Acomdata to redistribute the file,
    but since it is an OnTrack program, I'm not so sure. Anyway, it works with
    the instructions given. One word of caution: Backup all data first as it
    completely wipes the drive. I ran the file through all my
    virus/trojan/spyware scanners and it came up clean, but I would check it
    first if you intend to use it.

    Bill, Jun 22, 2008
  7. Tony Sperling

    Mort Arditti Guest


    Congratulations for the end results.
    I firmly believe that we must challenge these bastards who pre-load their
    crap on their memory products. I have no doubt that they get paid for the
    pre-loads while we consumers do not the entire capcity. I would not have a
    problem with these pre-loads if the manufacturers provide specific
    instructions and the necessary tools to remove them. However they do not,
    probably because of some agrrement with who ever is paying.
    Just consider your wasted time for this clean up.
    This is the reason why I always write nasty letters to the President or
    company CEO. They must be informed that their deeds are not acceptable.
    Unfortunately, many people accept this abuse.
    At this time, may I suggest that you partition your drive and use one of
    your partitions to back up your entire C: drive, OS and all. I use a program
    called Casper ver. 4. It is by fssdev (if you are interested I will find the
    URL and send it to you). It works great and it is under $50. You boot from
    the casper CD, copy C: (or whatever drive you want) to the backup. If your
    C: gets corrupted, again I boot from the Casper CD, and restore. It save me
    several time and the recovery takes
    approximately one hour. beta having to install everything from scratch.

    Mort Arditti, Jun 22, 2008
  8. Tony Sperling

    Rok Lipnik Guest

    Rok Lipnik, Sep 7, 2008
  9. Tony Sperling

    Rok Lipnik Guest

    Rok Lipnik, Sep 7, 2008
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