CD, mainboard, BIOS, keyboard: can't we all get along?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Guest, Jul 17, 2003.

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    Guest Guest

    Home built system functions just fine with two hard drives both on ide 1
    until I try to add a TDK cdrw on ide 2 set to master. Tried three different
    cables, one of which is brand new, tried brand new TDK cdrw, error message:
    sec master drive- not ATAPI compatible.

    I thought maybe it was the ide slot on the mainboard went dead but when I
    moved the working ide cable with the two hard drives (master and slave) to
    it they were recognized by the bios and worked fine.

    I thought maybe it was the TDK cdr's but no, when I slaved each of them to
    the working ide hard drive master they were recognized by the bios and
    worked fine.

    Also, when I put the TDK cdr's on ide 1 the bios froze up and keyboard got
    really slow in reaction time when I tried to hit del key to go into the bios
    so I never even got to the error message.

    Could it be the power molex cables?
    Guest, Jul 17, 2003
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  2. Guest

    Shep© Guest

    Double check the jumpers on the CD drive/s.
    Enter BIOS and under the standard section usually change from auto to
    user and press the enter key if you can and save on exit.
    also try here,
    You may need updated IDE controller drivers.
    HTH :)
    Shep©, Jul 17, 2003
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