CCVP lab with GNS/dynamips, physical router, vmware cucm 6.0 unity connections

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by AN, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. AN

    AN Guest

    I am designing a home CCVP lab for the new CCVP track (CVOICE, CIPT1&2, QoS,
    TUC) and found an article on about building a virtual home lab
    with CUCM 6.0/Unity Connection on vmware, a voice enabled router (either a
    2610 or 3640 running CCM 4.X) some fxs/fxo ports, a 2950T switch, another
    vmware server runing GNS3/Dynamips.

    I am debating what router to buy, I see a nice 3640 router with ccm 4.x
    installed, no fxs or fxo ports and no dsp on ebay, and a 3810 MCS.

    Has anyone here setup such a lab and was it worth the effort? Like to see
    if anyone has succesfully done this or if it is better just to bite the
    bullet and buy the correct hardware rather than messing with gns3.

    Thanks, if this works, I hope to visio my setup and share it for other to
    use. Right now I am in an ebay hardware acquisition phase for dsp, routers,
    switches, and other necessary items.
    AN, Jun 29, 2009
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