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Discussion in 'MCSE' started by CCNA MCSE, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. No, I got no calls at all. I made a mistake and retracting it and
    apologizing was the right thing to do.

    Here you will see my reply to Jason, himself, in, where
    he posted a single rant, peppered with his usual misrepresentations,
    "orders" and threats:

    You can use Google and check the thread. The fact is that Jason was
    right about that one point. I originally assumed that Jason either
    made up the company name that he used or he hijacked it for his own

    However, it turns out that there was an agreement between Hot Lava
    Software and Jason Gastrich.

    That Jason violated that agreement and took advantage of it is beside
    the point. If I make a mistake and I catch it, I'll correct it. If
    someone else corrects it, I'll acknowledge it and retract it.

    Again, that's just the right thing to do.
    David Sienkiewicz, Oct 24, 2004
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