CCIE (written and lab ) resume CCNP, CCNA, MCSE, SANS

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    Tatiana Antontchouk
    CCIE #12310, SANS, CCNP, CCNA, MCSE, Masters Degree
    408-738-9018 243 Buena Vista Ave,
    Sunnyvale, CA 94086


    · Visionary, resourceful hands on CCIE with specialty expertise and
    proven success innovating state-of-the-art solutions on time and under
    budget. Respected leader of diverse, cross-functional teams and highly
    regarded as a key resource, critical thinker, and out-of-the-box
    problem solver. Strong understanding of the relationship between
    technology and strategic business interests with a P&L mindset proven
    to drive multimillion-dollar per annum savings with a proven track
    record of managing large-scale network engineering teams in a large
    corporate environment.
    · Effective user of technology to increase profits, productivity, and
    complete edge while simultaneously delivering significant reductions in
    the cost of doing business. Backed by solid credentials including
    multiple industry certifications (MCP, MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE #12310),
    advanced technical acumen, and cross-platform expertise with over 16
    years of international experience in IT industry.
    · Expert in the design and delivery of cost-effective,
    high-performance information technology infrastructures and
    applications to address complex business problems.
    · Extensively qualified in all facets of project life cycle, from
    initial feasibility analysis and conceptual design through
    implementation, documentation, user training and enhancement in a large
    international corporate environment
    · Strong international networking with a proven ability to build and
    manage creative, highly energized, focused IT teams.
    · Proactive, forward thinking individual with high energy, motivating

    Professional Experience:

    United Health, Plymouth, MN - 11/2004 - present
    Computer System Analyst

    · Consult United Health Group, the largest health insurance provider
    in the US, which serves more than 55 million individual customers, on
    data and voice national networks.
    · Develop a strategy and implement a transitioning of network
    management from AT&T to internal resources, ensuring enterprise-wide
    systems availability, enhancing the quality of IT services delivered
    for more than 30.000 users, while driving down costs.
    · Design and implement new WAN architecture scalable for VOIP using
    MPLS technology and Cisco 7200, 3800, 2800 series routers, Catalyst
    6500, 4500 and 3750 series switches, Develop documentation set for each
    site using Microsoft Office Suite and Visio.
    · Participated in the deployment of VOIP Pilot Project defining the
    placement on the network and configuring Cisco CallManager and
    CallManager Express, Cisco Unity and Unity Express.
    · Merged recently acquired companies to existing United Health
    network. Provided Tier 2 and Tier 3 hands on support for NOC utilizing
    tools such as CiscoWorks, Concord Health and HP Openview.

    Key achievements:
    · Upgrade and replace network equipment (LAN and WAN) at nearly half
    of the company's sites, affecting approximately 70 percent of United
    Health Group's employees that resulted in a savings of more than $10
    million a year for the company.

    Philips, Andover, MA - 1/2004 to 7+-/2004
    Computer System Analyst

    · Led major initiatives, develop roadmaps and standards, and oversee
    all aspects of the Philips corporate, mission critical, global
    international web hosting network covering over 60 countries including
    over 100 routers, 200 switches, 190 VLANs, 5 pairs of Cisco Firewall
    Switching Modules (FWSM) and 4 Cisco Content Switching Modules (CSM)
    using high-end Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches.
    · Provided management, technical leadership capacity planning, and
    expertise to global network initiatives and projects, including remote
    mentoring of IT teams in Europe and Latin America.
    · Managed vendor relationships and together developed solutions to be
    offered as services using Technology and Product analysis, performed
    risk assessments against planned milestones, managed capital project
    expenditures and coordinated external dependencies.

    Key achievements:
    · Increased the Global Philips web-hosting services uptime from 96.7%
    to 99.99% within first 4 weeks of employment by implementing
    sophisticated state-of-the-art redundant technology, which made a
    significant impact on the services and revenue of the Philips EUR 30.3B
    in sales corporation.
    · Delivered a 21% reduction in network operating costs by
    renegotiating disaster recovery service contracts, evaluating
    alternative support and maintenance providers and reducing the annual
    cost through applying new technologies and adept renegotiations with
    · Personally found several developmental flaws in newly introduced
    Cisco equipment, worked closely with the Cisco development team to
    simulate, identify and find a solution and make it as a recommendation
    to the industry.

    Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Cambridge, MA - 2001 -
    Senior Network Engineer

    · Provided network management for Whitehead Institute for Biomedical
    Research, - world leader in cancer and HIV research and institute
    partners such as Harvard University, MIT, Harvard Hospitals, and
    several pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.
    · Performed sound independent analysis of network and systems
    security design and implementation of such designs. In depth knowledge
    of firewall technologies including configuration and rule set creation.
    · Continually monitored, assessed and improved network security,
    tested and implemented new security technologies. Tracked current
    security advisories, determined core network vulnerability, and then
    provided rapid guidance in order to minimize core network exposure.
    · Planned, coordinated, implemented and supported the LAN/WAN
    hardware, software and Internet/Intranet/Extranet integration network
    connectivity, diagnosed network failures and resolved any problems.
    · Participated in design conferences, produced network diagrams and
    detailed network documentation. Maintained technical and vendor product
    information and assisted in establishing performance standards,
    policies and procedures for the enterprise.
    · Provided leadership and training to the junior level network

    Key achievements:
    · Led the organization through a series of upgrades to capitalize on
    emerging technologies and application enhancements including the
    replacement of obsolete systems in all 6 locations with new LAN/WAN
    technology, linking them with fiber optic connections. Completed this
    over 2 million dollars project within the budget limits, 14 days before
    due date with zero network downtime.
    · Minimized corporate network vulnerability up to the highest DoD and
    HIPPA standards by installing Cisco PIX firewall and Cisco Intrusion
    Detection System, Cisco VPN and Layer 2 and 3 implementations.
    · Built "proof-of-concept" VOIP environment based on Cisco IP
    Telephony technology for product evaluation. Provided assessment and
    Total Cost of Ownership Analysis for VOIP installation.
    · Reduced network-related help desk calls 85% by restructuring and
    upgrading company network and by deploying highly scalable and reliable
    DNS, DHCP solution using Cisco Network Registrar 6.0.
    · Executed an IT culture change and transitioned the function from
    technology-driven to a business-process driven role.

    OrderTrust, Inc., Lowell, MA - 2000 - 2001
    Senior Network Engineer

    · Designed, supported and implemented LAN/WAN for financial
    transaction processing financial / payment processing company, services
    of which included order capture, routing of separate fulfillment
    requests to multiple suppliers, real-time credit card authorization and
    inventory availability checking, financial settlement and order status
    notification to consumers via e-mail, providing financial services for
    consumers and businesses.
    · Configured and maintained routers, switches, firewalls and load
    balancing solutions from Cisco and other manufacturers in a
    Web-hosting, mission critical, 24x7x365 high-availability secure
    environment which had established connections to over 600 commerce
    partners, including Visa, MasterCard, 1-800-Flowers, Blockbuster, etc.
    · Acted as the senior escalation point for day to day router/switch
    security issues in support of the NOC and R&D Department. Contributed
    to the production of reports and post mortems on events and outages
    related to the job.
    · Full project life cycle for enterprise-scale Network contingency
    planning, network configuration, optimization, redundancy and routing
    · Maintained technical and vendor product information and recommended
    standards for the enterprise. Experienced in provisioning and
    troubleshooting circuits from ISP's such as: AT&T, Sprint, MCI, and

    Key achievements:
    · Integrated network performance tuning capabilities in a
    multi-protocol, multi operating system environment which increased
    network performance and stability by 19%. Developed Disaster Recovery
    procedure that allowed rapid recovery in a mission-critical
    · Modernized network infrastructure through systems overhaul to
    catapult network speed by 100% and introduce state-of-the-art IT system
    featuring gigabit backbone and clustering designed specifically to
    provide maximum performance for e-business. Completed three months
    ahead of schedule and $120K under budget.
    · Implemented organization's first NOC highly responsive,
    multi-tiered support system which improved customer satisfaction,
    increased department-wide productivity and eliminated expensive
    technical staff during 2nd and 3rd shifts.
    · Redesigned and implemented rapidly deployable, consistent security
    throughout the enterprise in a comprehensive and layered approach by
    adopting latest technologies, which reduced network's vulnerability
    and prepared the network for a successful IT auditing from VISA.
    · Featured several times on the company's intranet web site as
    "Employee of the month" as one of the leading IT innovators.

    TMC Technology Management Corporation, Regina, Saskatchewan - 1998 -
    Project Manager, Senior Technical Analyst

    · Managed projects in all phases: requirements gathering, design,
    system integration, user acceptance testing, and implementation.
    · Developed plans for implementation of changes and
    scheduled/performed testing and contingency procedures as required.
    Worked with management and analysts in all departments to understand
    business needs and to ensure that business requirements are achieved
    and documented.
    · Coordinated the process of evaluating current systems functionality
    and follow up on issues stemming from these tasks. Ensured that
    adequate support was provided to all project team members so that they
    had what they needed to complete their project assignments.

    Key achievements:
    · Lead a team through a complete Provincial Library system migration
    to capitalize on emerging technologies and application enhancements
    including the replacement of obsolete systems in all 589 libraries
    across the province.
    · Implemented a unique library catalogue search engine, first in
    Canada, which allowed users to perform real time library material
    searches across Canada and USA.
    · Installed WAN between 9 regional branch libraries while facing
    severe constraints on facility engineering and fiscal limitations. The
    completed project improved administrative efficiency by more than 50%.
    · Standardized a suite of desktop software products allowing greater
    ease in document sharing, as well as the ability to upgrade software
    remotely and to troubleshoot more efficiently and exponentially which
    reduced the staffing and operation costs by 34%.
    · Provided technical expertise to the library grants project of Bill
    and Melinda Gates Foundation with budget of $636,957 over the year of
    2000 to support Saskatchewan's public libraries, serving low-income
    communities with a gift of public access computers, Internet access,
    and training of library staff.
    · Completed Y2K compliance project of entire network including 589
    remote locations 5 weeks before the deadline, with budget savings of
    $42K. Fully exploited the economies and advantages of cyberspace.

    World of Vacations Ltd., Vancouver, BC - 1995 - 1998
    Computer System Analyst

    · Provided remote and on-site LAN/WAN support for domestic and
    international customers, including Tier - III support for travel
    agencies and for key accounts of all sizes.
    · Network system administration with support of the industry specific
    reservation system software applications like SABRE & Logibro for end
    user clients.
    · Designed and implemented customer call-centre support procedures
    and customer network design strategy for sales and marketing teams.

    Key achievements:
    · Implemented an expeditious and reliable communication system
    between HQ and travel agencies offices via the "right" e-mail
    capability. Completed project in 34 days.
    · Project team leader on a BackOffice conversion resulting in
    consolidation and streamlined efficiency.
    · Directed seamless migration from public IP to private IP network to
    safeguard extremely vulnerable, exposed network. Designed and
    implemented numerous security enhancements to avert serious threats to
    security and insulate organization from legal risk.
    · Recognized for outstanding quality of customer service with
    numerous customer-support awards and personal commendation from

    Kishinev Electronics Plant - 1988 - 1993
    Computer System Analyst, Software Developer

    · Provided advanced computer hardware and software maintenance,
    troubleshooting and repairs to automate warehouse systems. Trained new
    junior personnel, while developing detailed written operator procedures
    and requirements.
    · Designed and developed software to integrate data being stored by
    separate systems into a unified, client/server environment.
    · Encouraged acceptance of PC platform, which reduced operational
    dependency on mainframes and greatly improved overall system
    performance to increase recorded uptime to 95%.
    · Strategize and launched procedural improvements to increase
    productivity, including scheduled hardware maintenance, employee
    activity tracking, and systems cross integration.
    · Reengineered processes through computerization to enable knowledge
    sharing across the entire enterprise.
    · Administered network systems, application installation,
    configuration and support of DOS, Microsoft and Windows family

    Technical Skills:

    Cisco, Win NT/2000/XP servers, Unix / W2K application support,
    Microsoft Exchange, MS Project, Unix and Linux, Macintosh, BackupExec,
    Scanners, Network Protocol Analyzers / NAI Sniffer, MRTG, HPOV, Wiring
    and Cabling Standards, WINS, DNS, DHCP, LDAP, BIND v8.x,
    IPX/SPX/NetBIOS, AppleTalk, HTTP, FTP, RMON, OSI, IOS11.3 - latest, IOS
    (Hybrid), CatOS, DOS, Frame Relay, T-1, T-3, DS3's, Ethernet, L2/L3
    Switching, Routing protocols: RIP, OSPF, BGP, IGRP, EIGRP, IS-IS; ICMP,
    TCP, UDP, HSRP,VRRP, VTP/ Spanning Tree, 802.1q, ARP, IP, PPP, ARP,
    RPC, SMTP, SNMP, Cisco routers 25XX, 5XXX, AS5300, 72XX, 35XX, Catalyst
    switches up to the 65XX series w/MSFC, Cisco Managed Switches - 3550 &
    3650, Gigabit Ethernet, 3-Com equipment, ATM, LAN, WAN, TCP/IP, TELNET,
    Intranet, Broadband, Bridges, Concentrators, DSL, HTTP, Proxy ARP,
    Technical Writing, Crossbeam, Documentation, Fluke LAN Meter,
    Voice/Data VLANs, AVVID, VoIP, Cisco Call Manager, Unity, QoS, Network
    Security, Aironet wireless, Cisco 3000 and 5001 VPN concentrators,
    Cisco IDS, Cisco PIX, FWSM, AAA, Cisco ACS, CNS Network Registrar ver
    6.x Cisco CSS (Content Service Switches), Cisco CSM, 11xxx series,
    TACACS +, RADIUS, NAT/PAT ,ACL ,DMZ, Checkpoint, wireless security,
    wireless networking including 802.11 a, b, g , VPN over wireless,
    802.11x, WEP, EAP, EAP-TTLS, LEAP, PEAP, TKIP, SSH and IPSec, SSL,
    MPLS, Private Line, ISDN, Altheon Load Balancer, Remote/Local Access,
    CSU/DSU's, TDM MUXes, CiscoWorks2000, WildPackets EtherPeek NX,
    SolarWinds, OSI layers 1 through 4, distribution for copper cabling and
    fiber, DS1, DS3, OC3, OC48 and SONET transportation systems, Layer 2
    and 3 LAN and WAN technologies and protocols; Internet appliances, and
    tier 3 web applications, layers 1 through 4 of the OSI model, NAT, DNS,
    security, site survey, firewall policies, geo-load balancing, proxy and
    cache servers, network management applications, LAN/WAN networking
    technologies and extensive experience with large-scale Cisco
    deployments, large enterprise provider network architecture, analysis
    and engineering design.

    Vendor Exam ID Exam Name Date Taken Grade
    Microsoft 58 Networking Essentials 16-Jun-97 Pass
    Microsoft 73 Implementing and Supporting NT 4.0
    Workstation 24-Jun-97 Pass
    Microsoft 67 Implementing and Supporting NT Server 4.0 15-Jul-97 Pass
    Microsoft 68 Implementing and Supporting NT Server 4.0 in the
    Enterprise 31-Jul-97 Pass
    Microsoft 77 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Internet Information
    Server 3.0 and Index Server 1.1 18-Sep-97 Pass
    Microsoft 59 Internetworking with Microsoft TCP/IP on Microsoft Windows
    NT 4.0 15-Oct-97 Pass
    Cisco 640-407 CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate 12-Oct-99 Pass
    Cisco 640-504 Switching 2.0 7-Apr-00 Pass
    Cisco 640-505 Remote Access 8-May-00 Pass
    Cisco 640-403 ACRC 11.3 23-May-00 Pass
    Cisco 640-440 CIT 4.0 ( Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting
    ) 5-Jul-00 Pass
    Cisco 350-001 CCIE Routing and Switching Qualification
    Exam 19-Mar-02 Pass
    Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching 1 day lab, RTP, North Carolina, CCIE
    #12310 28-Sep-03 Pass
    Cisco 9E0-571 Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced 27-Jun-02 Pass

    SANS SANS Institute. London, England. Intrusion Detection
    In-Depth. 26-Apr-02 Completed
    WildPackets WildPackets Network Troubleshooting Methods and TCP/IP
    Protocol Analysis 8-Feb-02 Completed
    Cisco Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting 16-Jun-00 Completed
    Cisco Building Cisco Remote Access Networks 28-Apr-00 Completed
    Cisco Advanced Cisco Router Configuration 14-Apr-00 Completed
    Cisco Building Cisco Multilayer Switching
    Networks 31-Mar-00 Completed
    Cisco Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 1-Oct-99 Completed
    Cisco Implementing Cisco QoS 9-May-03 Completed
    Cisco Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System PLUS 4-Oct-02 Completed
    Cisco Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced 28-Mar-02 Completed
    Cisco Cisco Secure Virtual Private Networks 22-Feb-02 Completed
    Microsoft Microsoft Certified Professional 24-Jun-97 Completed
    Microsoft Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer 15-Oct-97 Completed
    Microsoft Microsoft Certified Professional +
    Internet 15-Oct-97 Completed
    Cisco Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 12-Oct-99 Completed
    Cisco Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) 5-Jul-00 Completed
    Cisco Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE
    #12310) 28-Sep-03 Completed
    vzapor, Sep 13, 2006
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