CCIE Voice bootcamp training in Toronto, Canada

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by iNetEnterprise, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Hello

    iNetEnterprise is offering 5 days intensive hands-on bootcamp in CCIE
    Voice Lab.

    Each student will have the following

    1 - 3 x Cisco 36xx and 26xx routers
    2 - 3 T1/E1 line
    3 - Catalyst 3500 and 6509
    4 - Cisco 6608 T1 Module
    5 - Cisco Communication Module
    6 - Cisco VG248
    7 - 7 x Cisco IP Phone
    8 - MCS 7835 CallManager
    9 - MCS 7835 Unity
    10 - MCS 7835 IPCC Express

    5 days bootcamp is about 8 to 12 hours long per day. Students have
    enough time to practice. Workbook is included. 24 hours session time
    will be provided after the bootcamp.

    For more information visit us at

    Our CCIE Voice Instructor is dual CCIE Certified including Voice

    iNetEnterprise Canada
    iNetEnterprise, Sep 16, 2005
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  2. iNetEnterprise


    Jul 13, 2009
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    voicebootcamp is bad

    Buyer beware. Do not purchase classes or bootcamps from Faisal at They can also be called inetenterprise canada or They are located in Canada but also teach around the world.
    Most americans are probably becoming aware that voicebootcamp is a scam but some do not kow yet. If you live in East asia, then you might not have as many options but people in the states or Europe, stay away from

    This is what you can expect. They claim to offer unlimited retakes till you pass but this is a scam. I have tried 5 times now to retake a class and every time they (voicebootcamp) come up with an excuse. They will post dates on their site but at the very last minute they will call you and claim the class is cancelled. The last time I called about a class I was supposed to be enrolled in they told me that it was cancelled yet I couldnt speak to the instructor. Seems like the class was in progress but I wasnt allowed to resit - hmm. Very fishey. I spoke with one of their ex employees, a sales manager who actually sold me the package and she told me that Faisal basically sits at home and when a company calls that has 5 people, he will travel to where ever they are located and teach the class. The dates and locations on his web site are almost never true as he will cancel it unless he has a full class and that he will do everything in his power to offer an excuse and prevent someone from retaking a class. It is not in his interest to offer retakes. But he will advertise this as it makes a good selling point, but he has no plans to honor this.

    Again, I have tried 5 separate times to retake the class and it was all in vain. This was over 1 year I tried. I had 2 other students in my class that requested a full refund as they were not satisfied with the quality. We could not get the remote sessions working correctly and his updates were not complete.
    In his video lectures he will be on a topic and then when he cant get the lab to work he will just end the video. Voicebootcamp is not profesional at all.

    I have tried calling Faisal on his cell phone, work phone and his manager (this person changes every few months- high turnover) and via email but no one will return my messages.
    Voicebootcamp has no desire to assist the students and their policy is:
    you can get a 100 percent refund after the first day only. After that, you get nothing.

    I would suggest going to any other school than voicebootcamp.
    try ipexpert,ccbootcamp, globalknowledge, HBFITES, anybody else.

    Good luck on your studies and just be warned that voicebootcamp is a really bad company and I have many complaints about this company. I wish I had done more research into this company before spending 4500 USD. Voicebootcamp is a waste of money.

    Here is their headquarters:
    Canadian Head Office:
    5109 Steeles Ave West
    Suite 330, Toronto, M9L 2Y8

    Best wishes
    mikemc, Jul 13, 2009
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  3. iNetEnterprise


    Oct 20, 2011
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    Verify all these comments from our linkedin profile

    “Faisal has got sound knowlegde of every aspect of CCNP Voice and CCIE Voice which he imparts to the students in a very good way. His videos on CCNA voice, CCNP voice, Call routing, troubleshooting are simply awesome which help you practice all the labs on your own and makes you confident to do it in production. This is the best CCVP Training in Middle East. No Doubt.” September 20, 2011
    1stSardar Baig, IT Coordinator, Hill International,
    studied with Faisal at VoiceBoot Camp
    “Faisal is a good instractor and passing exact information, and his realy nice person, also the way of explaing the courses its fine.” September 20, 2011
    1stAli Nasser, System Engineer / Team Leader, BTC Networks,
    studied with Faisal at VoiceBootcamp Inc
    “t is my pleasure to write for Mr. Faisal Khan. I knew him through his video lectures. The good thing about him he is not only an excellent trainer having in depth knowledge but also have great hands on in his domain. I’m also planning to attend his CCNP Voice boot camp soon. I recommend him and VoiceBootcamp to anyone looking out in the field of unified communications” September 20, 2011
    1stMajed Ataoui, Ingénieur Realisation ToIP, Telindus Belgacom ICT,
    taught Faisal at VoiceBootcamp Inc
    “He have a great sense of teaching” October 7, 2011
    1stAbdullah Rajput, NOC Engineer, COMSATS Internet Services,
    studied with Faisal at VoiceBootcamp Inc
    “Very easy to understand videos with lot's of useful information for exam purposes and in the real world. Highly recommended.” September 24, 2011
    1stRobert Allison CCNP, CCNA, MCP, MCTS, Student, Data-Tech,
    studied with Faisal at VoiceBootcamp Inc

    ““I am pleased to write this endorsement for Faisal Khan. I have known F.Khan through his video series lectures. I have found F.khan to be able to deliver consistently high quality voice over IP lectures at a high level of customer satisfaction. He has expertise in computer networking and telecoms fields and I recommend him and his company's name to anyone looking for CCIE voice classes and implementation of any project of small to very large and complex nature.
    He is highly experienced, qualified and hands-on in the field of telecommunications, and data communications.
    He knows how to keep his clients happy and satisfied
    F.Khan has a quality of patience along with his technical capabilities. He has proved his self to be competent, honest and committed personnel.
    His personality, technical knowledge and the way he produced video series lectures was so professional.
    Keep up the good work” September 9, 2010
    1stAfzal Bhutta, Student, Self-Paced Learning
    was with another company when working with Faisal at VoiceBootcamp inc

    “It is my pleasure to write for Mr. Faisal Khan. I knew him through his video lectures. The good thing about him he is not only an excellent trainer having in depth knowledge but also have great hands on in his domain. I’m also planning to attend his CCIE Voice boot camp soon. I recommend him and VoiceBootcamp to anyone looking out in the field of unified communications.” September 9, 2010
    1stMuhammad Shahbaz, Sr. Executive Engineer (Post Sales), Corvit Networks
    was with another company when working with Faisal at VoiceBootcamp inc
    “I have attended few classes of VOIP with Faisal Khan and i was extremely impresses with the sound grip and in-depth knowledge. Faisal was extremely confident and engages each and every member in our group. I would recommend Faisal to anyone who would like to pursue the VOIP as a career or learning experience” September 17, 2010
    Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity
    1stAli Syed,
    hired Faisal as a Personal Trainer in 2008
    “Faisal Khan of Voice BootCamp conducted CCNP Voice course that I found quite valuable. He exhibited a vast array of expertise and excellent presentation skills. Faisal welcomed /invited questions when students didn’t grasp an intricate concept. He was passionate about making sure his students had a thorough understanding of the material: and literally down with students to troubleshoot their configuration issues. The Voice BootCamp CCNP Voice Study Guide DVDs troubleshooting and labs were sent out approximately 30 days prior to the actual12 day class. This approach allowed the students to hit the ground running. I observed a couple of CCIE Voice candidates took advantage of the class for the mere fact it encompassed CCNA Voice level, CCNP Voice as well as introduction to some CCIE Voice concepts. This was a natural transition to the Voice BootCamp’s CCIE Voice Class, CCIE Mock Lab class and subsequent CCIE 8 hour lab” May 3, 2011
    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
    1stAdrienne Evans,
    hired Faisal as a Cisco Unified Communications Trainer in 2010

    Faisal manages an extensive multi node wide area network for a popular retail chain in Manhattan, NY. We support the IT infrastructure at Faisal's company, but ever since Faisal has taken control of the network, our business with his employer has decreased a great deal, because Faisal successfully completes the IT projects himself. We are comfortable with this arrangement, as we are more interested in seeing our customers with stable networks before thinking of our own profit margin.

    We recently Q/A'ed a VMWare and Hyper-V virtualization environment Faisal built for his employer. The infrastructure tested 100% clean and we were impressed in Faisal's ability to implement affordable, in house built, SAN storage for the billing server cluster. Faisal was able to save his employer $35k, without sacrificing network stability or scaleability” May 17, 2011
    1stJoseph McEvoy, President / CEO, Shoreline Networks Inc.
    was a consultant or contractor to Faisal at VoiceBootcamp inc

    “If you are looking for some thing related to Cisco Voice or VOIP.. Faisal will the first name that you would remember, if you had used his services before. He is damn good at the things from the basics to expert level knowledge and can deliver services with most precision.

    And if you haven't tried him before, just try him now.. you will be the next immediate one to recommend him to others!” June 23, 2011
    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
    1stV M Prateek Reddy Kambala,
    hired Faisal as a CCVP Instructor in 2011

    “Faisal Khan is an excellent CCIE Voice instructor and was instrumental in my passing the lab exam. Faisal is personable, highly knowledgeable on the material, and great to work with. I highly recommend Faisal to anyone looking to advance their skills with Cisco voice certifications.

    Clarence Nurse, CCIE Voice #20638” August 31, 2011
    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
    1stClarence Nurse,
    hired Faisal as a IT Consultant in 2008

    “I have used Faisal's CUCM 8.5 videos and believe they are one of the best in the market.They are very consistent and explain concepts well” September 20, 2011
    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
    1stTomslin Samme-Nlar,
    hired Faisal as a ccie voice trainer in 2010

    vc007, Oct 20, 2011
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