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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by fuzzy1, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. fuzzy1

    fuzzy1 Guest

    Why would the CBC not jump on the DVD bandwagon? They have some great and
    near great shows lying around in their vaults. I for one would love to see
    full seasons of:
    This hour has 22 minutes
    Wayne and Shuster
    Anything by Rick Mercer
    I know they are owned by the Canadian government but with supposed tight
    budgets this would be a great cashcow.
    fuzzy1, Mar 6, 2004
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  2. fuzzy1

    Invid Fan Guest

    Probably the same reason they didn't jump on the VHS bandwagon. Canada
    is a small market, and while they'd sell some stuff to those of us in
    the US border cities print runs would be low (and thus expensive).
    Would a news parody show really do well on video? I love The Daily
    Show, but wouldn't pay for 5 year old episodes...
    This would be great. Maybe they're waiting for the last one to kick the
    bucket so they don't have to pay royalties.
    ARE they owned by the CBC, or by the production companies? And did
    anyone bother keeping good copies of everything?
    Invid Fan, Mar 6, 2004
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  3. fuzzy1

    fuzzy1 Guest

    No more expensive than producing SCTV which seems to be in great demand
    The only one there This hour, CODCO, like 4 on the Floor was a satire/
    humour series.
    Frank Shuster died about 2 years ago,along with Tom Kneebone who died
    late last year
    and Johnny Wayne quite sometime ago
    Yes they are owned by the CBC they all recieved Canadian subsisties and
    were produced and funded for the most part under the CBC banner.
    One of the few truly Canadian produced shows was under CTV . The Starlost
    was a badly acted and truly mediocer show that still has cult status in
    fuzzy1, Mar 6, 2004
  4. Why would the CBC not jump on the DVD bandwagon? They have some great and
    I was also wondering why the Canadian yv dhows haven't been released on dvd in
    season sets, yet.

    You would think that they would notice the popularity of the U.S. season sets
    of tv shows and the British season sets of tv shows, and release theirr own
    Canadian series in season sets.

    Some people in this newsgroup did say that "Second City TV" is going to be
    released on dvd. (although I don't know if that's season sets or not).

    However, none of them had an answer for whether it was the original Canadian
    version being released on dvd or whether it was the U.S. version. (NBC).

    My guess is that it's probably the U.S. version that aired on NBC instead of
    the original Canadian version

    although I would like to see the original Canadian version of it released on
    dvd. (which was syndicated on individual tv stations in the U.S.)
    Waterperson77, Mar 6, 2004
  5. fuzzy1

    Invid Fan Guest

    That aired on a US network at some point, and had stars who went on to
    bigger things. Everyone in the US knows about Bob and Doug from the
    Great White North, few know about Beachcombers. Mabye these other shows
    were seen in other Commonwealth countries and would have a large enough
    market to justify releasing (I'm all for them coming out, but you have
    to look at things from the CBC's point of view)
    I never heard of CODCO (well, maybe I have but just don't know what
    it's abreviating), but just didn't feel like deleting it from the list
    Shuster died? I honestly didn't know. I thought I saw a W&S clip show
    not that long ago with him hosting, which would be strange to run if
    both had passed away (better to re-package them yet again then to have
    a now dead Shuster talking about his also dead partner)
    Are you sure Canada wants to admit that? :)
    Invid Fan, Mar 7, 2004
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