CATOS Dual SUP1A-MSFC2 HighAvailability upgrade

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Daniel Bourque, May 18, 2004.

  1. OK, I have done some research and some tests in the lab, even some upgrade
    in the field but the more I search, the more I dig in, the more I am
    confused about the upgrade scenario of a CATOS running 6509 with dual

    Using HighAvalaibility, my understanding is:

    - set system HighAvailability ena
    - Delete and squeeze the actual image on 1/slot0: and 2/slot0:
    - Copy the actual running imagefrom 1/bootflash: to 1/slot0: and 2/slot0:
    for recovery
    - Delete and squeeze the actual running copy on 1/bootflash: and
    - Copy the new image to on 1/bootflash:
    - clear boot system all
    - Set boot system flash bootflash:xxxnew.bin
    - Set boot system flash slot0:yyyold.bin
    - Wait for sync of the image from 1/bootflash: to 2/bootflash: with the
    BTSYNC prefix
    - We now have code on both supervisor with an older image in case of

    - Is the BOOT variable replicated to the second SUP1A or do I have to create
    2 BOOT variable?
    - If I have to create it, what will be the syntax so the image is load from
    SUP1A #2, not from #1 ?

    Anybody with a working scenario that do real upgrade, not a small
    versionning upgrade? Can't seem to find such a scenario on the Cisco web

    Thank you

    Daniel Bourque
    Daniel Bourque, May 18, 2004
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