catalyst 2900XL with ATM module - crash after snmpwalk?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Duncan, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Duncan

    Duncan Guest


    We have couple of catalyst 2900XL with ATM modules, and very often we have
    problems with this combo.

    For example, sometimes without any reason switch is going to reload, and
    when it is up - we can't connect to ATM module via "session" command - only
    hard reset helps.

    Switch works perfectly ok without ATM module, we tried another module - the
    same problems.

    Today I tried to get some data from ATM module (via snmp), so I did snmpwalk
    from linux, and shortly after that switch went down. So my idea is that
    this crashes are connected with snmp reading (or maybe not).
    I can't test it now, but I will.

    Snmp config is very simple:
    snmp-server community <pass> RO
    snmp-server chassis-id 0x10
    snmp-server host <ip> trap public

    The switch firmware:
    (C2900XL-H2S-M), Version 12.0(5.1)XP, MAINTENANCE INTERIM SOFTWARE

    ATM module (WS-X2961-XL) firmware:
    TAC:Home:SW:IOS:Specials for info
    Synced from 12.0(6.5)T4

    Anybody faced this problems? Access to SNMP and whole switch is only from
    MGMT, so nobody is trying to put some wrong snmp queries.
    I don't have access to new firmware.


    Duncan, Jan 11, 2006
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