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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by suntzzu, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. suntzzu

    suntzzu Guest

    hi all,

    ok, here is our scenario

    we have a cisco 5505 switch with a supervisor blade. attached to port
    1/1 of the supervisor blade, we have a sonicwall pro 300 (LAN side).
    everything works fine. we purchased a sonicwall GX250 and entered the
    same config as the pro 300 into the gx250 (basically we are swapping
    out the pro 300 with the new GX250). however when we connect the LAN
    port of the GX250 to the Cisco 5505 supervisor blade 1/1 port we can't
    get a link light (baiscally switching the LAN port of the pro 300 and
    instead plugging in the GX250 to the same port as the pro 300 was in).
    oh i forgot the Pro300 and the GX250, all ports are forced to FUll
    DUPLEX, 100mbps. now when we take the LAN port of the GX250 and plug
    it into any of the regular ports on the switch we get a link light can
    ping out all vpn's work have internet connection you name it works,
    except we can't ping the inside of our router. we also tried switching
    the GX250 to have all it's ports Auto neg. and then plugged in the LAN
    port to 1/1 on the Super. blade, and we got a link light, however
    everything was slow and sluggish, our webserver on the DMZ couldnt
    talk to our database server on the LAN side.

    does anyone have any ideas what is causing this problem and a way to
    fix it?

    thanks in advance

    suntzzu, Jul 25, 2003
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