Cash4gold Scam Scam

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by maryr345, May 27, 2009.

  1. maryr345

    maryr345 Guest Pays off to make Thousands of
    Complaints to Disappear

    Ripoff Report is a sham as a Google search exposes the harsh truth
    about the owner or &
    Now for the other side please read on if you would like to know about
    Also google if you really want to know about them!
    According to recent complaints about Cash4Gold, an unnamed Rip-Off
    site took bribes to give Cash4Gold positive press. I checked out's site for Cash4Gold. Ripoff report was singing the
    praises of Cash4Gold so high to the point they were disputing their
    site users complaints about cash4gold. I can guarantee you they were
    taking the bribes! 62 days ago by 0 Votes

    Now do a Google search and type in Rip Off Report into the search box,
    then take a look down the pages of all the complaints about them.
    There isn't a website or business that even compares to the complaints
    that has listed against them in the search engines.
    From fraud to extortion they have it all along with being sued 40 or
    more times. They say the owner "Convicted Felon??" Ed Magedson,
    founder and editor of has been the target of
    (Internet Terrorist). Gee, I wonder why anyone would want to terrorize
    such a nice guy. 62 days ago by 0 Votes Urgent!
    Don’t believe anything you read about ANY COMPANY listed on the
    infamous RIP OFF REPORT.COM website!

    The owner, Ed Magedson, is apparently a WANTED FUGITIVE by the FBI and
    also allegedly facing numerous Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuits from
    numerous companies WORLDWIDE!

    This is how the Rip Off Report SCAM works:

    Ed creates very damaging phony “consumer reports” on specific
    businesses that are very “reputation sensitive” (i.e.: Doctors,
    Service Businesses, Realtors, Attorneys, , Auto Dealers the
    Entertainment Industry, etc.). Once he’s complete, he submits the
    bogus report through numerous search engines (i.e.: Google, Yahoo,

    Rumor has it that he, in some cases, will have one of his sleazy staff
    members actually visit a specific company to get details on how the
    company operates. This helps add validity and drama to his report.
    Thus, the Extortion plot becomes even easier! He allegedly also will
    take his self created defamatory report, copy and paste it, and submit
    it to various other Websites, Blogs, etc., to make it APPEAR that the
    company has numerous disgruntled customers, further damaging the
    company and, again, increasing his chances of Extorting money!

    PER AUTHORITIES: Don't be duped by this CRIMINAL!

    Within 24 hours, anytime a prospective customer of that business does
    a web search, which many consumers these days do, they will then see
    the defamatory link appear on that business, usually on the first page
    of the search engines results, which then will lead them to a very
    disparaging report on that business. That consumer may now have second
    thoughts from doing business with that particular company because of
    the bogus self created report. That’s exactly what Ed wants to happen!
    That’s how the scam starts!

    So, why is Ed doing this? It’s called Extortion!

    What he then does is approach the business he’s damaged (defamed) and
    offer’s his fraudulent “services” to remove the defamatory commentary,
    which usually means the business PAYING RIP OFF REPORT.COM about $50,
    000 upfront plus a $5, 000 per month “monitoring fee” for a report
    THEY created! What a way to make a living!

    Is that a scam or what?

    Apparently, many companies have pursued legal action against Rip Off
    Report and won!

    However, to this day, we are not aware of any judgment obtained
    against Rip Off Report that has actually been satisfied. It appears
    this company is very good at keeping one step against authorities! Rip
    Off Report operates on line and its exact location has been hard to
    pinpoint by authorities.

    So, what do we know about our ‘friend’ Ed Magedson? A lot!
    maryr345, May 27, 2009
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  2. maryr345


    Aug 24, 2009
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    0 has recently lost all credibility for me. I recently attempted to post a review to expose Dalbey Education, revealing their dishonest and unethical business practices. My post was blocked and I received and e-mail back from them stating that Dalbey was a member of their "Corporate Advocacy Program" and assured me the matter would be rectified. The matter hasn't been rectified despite complaints filed with the BBB and others, and nobody ever responded regarding my post. Apparently paying Ripoffreport will also get your bad reports censored.

    Conceptually I like the idea of having a place where consumers can post their horror stories to inform others, but in order to be a valuable tool for consumers the site must maintain integrity. I can't say one way or another about the claims of slander and extortion but this experience clearly indicates that Ripoffreport can be bought off to cover up misdeeds by businesses. If there are any attorneys going after I will be happy to relate this story for the record.
    DanaNutter, Aug 24, 2009
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  3. maryr345


    Feb 18, 2010
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    I called at 888 483 2860

    I called at 888 483 2860
    katherineo54s, Feb 18, 2010
  4. maryr345


    May 5, 2012
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    Google's love affair with


    If you have 9 min. to spare, would you watch this video on Google's love affair with and let me know what you think? If you agree with it, please pass it on to your followers?

    My company does not provide SEO services anymore, and we are not really a ORM company either. We simply track down the bad guys, and provide litigation support and forensic support for attorneys in the middle of defamation lawsuits. As such, you can comfortably embed the video in your pages if you'd like to use it to help your potential clients understand the problem.

    BadForPeople, May 5, 2012
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