Cascading Routers for Extra Security?

Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by 1PW, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Greetings to all:

    History & Current conditions:

    Recently our daughter had her own SOHO Linksys WCG200 Wireless Cable
    Gateway retired, in favor of the cable provider's Motorola Cable
    Modem/Router/Telephone Modem unit. She hasn't missed loosing her
    wireless capability, as she seldom ever used her own laptops with it and
    the laptops are all but retired. However, she's very frequently on the
    Internet with her desktop system. I have inherited the retired Linksys
    WCG200 Cable Gateway.

    In my home, I have an older model Linksys BEFCMU10 Version 2 Cable Modem
    and a recent model Linksys WRT310N Wireless Router, where I have only
    the slightest need for the wireless capability for occasional
    maintenance of our youngest son's laptop when he's in the geographic
    area. However, I support multiple desktop systems (Linux and one part
    time Windows XP Pro system) with my recent model Linksys WRT310N Router.

    Query: Could I marginally benefit from retiring my older Linksys
    BEFCMU10 Cable modem, and replacing it with my daughter's now retired
    older model Linksys WCG200 Cable Gateway such that I would have a
    cascaded topology of two UPS protected routers?

    Current: ISP <--> BEFCMU10 <--> WRT310N <--> Linux/Windows systems

    Proposed: ISP <--> WCG200 <--> WRT310N <--> Linux/Windows systems

    Rational: 1.) Recent Trojan malware attacks, aimed at routers with poor
    password protection. 2.) Enjoy further networking isolation such that a
    second and different range of class ā€œCā€ IP addresses could possibly
    protect against /some/ future intrusion attempts.

    I can cope with the extra layer of complexity, if the benefit is some
    extra Internet safety. Isn't this what large, centrally located
    organizations do? Even if the benefits are only minimal.

    Thank you in advance.

    1PW, Nov 20, 2008
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