Capacity-Network Problem

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Can anybody solve this minimum network capacity problem?

  1. Please complete this question and post the solution.

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  2. Please give the assumptions too.

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    You are required to design an international backbone network to connect your customers in AUS, US, and UK together. You have a border router in each country and these are connected using submarine transmission links. Your aim is to determine the amount of capacity installed in each direction between the routers.

    The demand between these routers shows a multi-hour characteristic (that is, the demand varies based on the time of day). As a result, it has been identified that the demand can be characterised based on two 12 hour periods. The origin-destination demand matrix for each period. The unit of demand is in Mbps. Note that the first column indicates the origin nodes and the first row the destination nodes in the demand tables. For example, the demand from Node 1 to Node 2 in the First Period is given as 120 Mbps.

    O/D 1 2 3
    1 X 120 20
    2 60 X 100
    3 60 140 X
    First Period

    O/D 1 2 3
    1 X 200 30
    2 600 X 80
    3 80 40 X
    Second Period
    Origin-Destination Demand Matrices for Network

    1. Determine the capacity required on each link if the routers 1, 2 and 3 used shortest path routing (based on number of hops) and were not able to perform any load balancing and traffic engineering across multiple paths.

    2. Determine the minimum capacity network if the routers 1, 2, and 3 were capable of perfect load balancing. Explain your approach in reaching your conclusion clearly.
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    s_wallop2000, Aug 18, 2006
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