can't work out how to do it

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Here's my dilemma.

    I have broadband and telephone supplied NTL cable.

    The phone socket is at one end of the house with no power point anywhere
    near - though I do have a phone socket and 240v in the kitchen for the base.
    I run a 4 set cordless setup for phones around the house which means I can
    have a phone next to the computer (no phone socket) on which I run SKYPE.

    My main household Pc is at the other end of the house - nowhere near a phone

    What I actually want to do - without running phone wires all over the
    place - is to have the dect phones make and take Skype calls.

    What I did so far was to connect another dect base phone to a VOIP box with
    RJ11 socket. Despite spending more on different cables than I did on the
    phone, I could not nothing to get them to talk to each other so I eventually
    gave up. Followed all sorts of advice with no luck. My though process was
    that a separate DECT phone - unconnected to the NTL phone line would give me
    mobility for VOIP calls.
    I want to stay with Skype as it's a family thing with relatives in different
    parts all using it and I like it!

    My broadband is sent around the house wirelessly on a Belkin 54g wireless
    setup though I do have the option to utilise a couple of RJ45 sockets if
    needs be. I have no additional access points as I don't need them.

    If someone can work out what I'm trying to explain and has knowledge of how
    it CAN work as required - I'd be very grateful for their advice!


, Jun 24, 2005
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    Paul D.Smith Guest

    What is a "VOIP box"? Give make and model number. Does it claim "works
    with Skype"? If not, then you're doomed! Skype uses a wholely proprietry
    protocol i.e. Skypes only tells select partners how their protocol works, as
    a result of which there are very few Skype products.

    By comparison, SipGate (and many others) use an open protocol called SIP
    (session initiation protocol). This means that a company can build a SIP
    box without paying anyone for information about the protocol - because it's
    freely available on the web.

    So, you would need a "VOIP box" that supports Skype in order to talk to
    Skype. If you think yours is, tell us which one and someone may be able to
    help. If it's not - sorry but it won't work.

    BTW, I mention SipGate purely because it springs to mind. If you decide to
    go the SIP route, ask the NG for their opinions on the various SIP

    Paul DS.
    Paul D.Smith, Jun 24, 2005
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    Nick Guest

    Did you establish that the second base unit/handset works on the normal
    If you tried to use the same handset(s) on the second base unit as the main
    then you will hit problems. The handset needs to be able to select the base
    remotely, not many can do this. Generally, the older the DECT unit the
    the chance of achieving what you want.
    Nick, Jun 24, 2005
  4. Hi Paul.

    The label on the unit says VOIP-BOX and it's produced by
    the product is at and was
    as being " USB-2008-BOX is a PC-based USB VoIP device that has a RJ11
    connector for regular telephones,which enables you to place your PC to
    regular phone calls or PC to PC calls and cordless telephone. It makes
    internet calls using the keypad of your regular telephone. "

    I got it from EBay uk - an identical item can be found at

    ..... and no - I didn't test the dect phone direct to the phone line - so
    that could be a possibility - however, what I need to know is .... can I do
    what I have been trying to do - and if so .... how! Would prefer to use
    existing DECT phone setup without buying another (as have given the 'other'

, Jun 24, 2005

    Paul D.Smith Guest

    I took a brief look at the website (it's soooooo slowwwwwwww) but could not
    see anything that mentioned Skype. It looked like a totally proprietry
    system to me.

    Paul DS.
    Paul D.Smith, Jun 24, 2005

    Ian Guest

    Looking at the description its a generic USB to ALOG phone box.
    On your PC you will need the skype client running,
    plug i the box and it should be seen as a sound device of some type.
    you then need to make sure the skype client uses these devices.
    before trying it with dect sets just use a normal phone in the rj11 socket.
    you will need to make sure the middle two wires are connected.
    once you have done this , make sure the dialng part of the client works.

    good luck

    Ian, Jun 24, 2005

    Paul D.Smith Guest

    Looking at the description its a generic USB to ALOG phone box.

    What interface does it use to talk to Skype on the PC? Is there a special
    "Skype to phone adapter" protocol?

    Paul DS
    Paul D.Smith, Jun 24, 2005

    Paul D.Smith Guest

    Having had more of a look, I'm even more convinced that this is proprietry
    and won't work with Skype. Look at the tech support section on "how to
    use" - there is no mention of Skype.

    Paul DS
    Paul D.Smith, Jun 24, 2005

    Ian Guest

    Almost any usb phone will work with skype, this is because USB phones are in
    reality only a USB sound device and dial pad (HID). these devices use no
    protocol whatsoever. As I said you just have to configure the client to use
    that device.

    Dont confuse it with an ATA just because you can plug a phone in. its not.

    Ian, Jun 24, 2005
  10. I'll try to answer the questions all at once.

    The BT Dect phone does work plugged direct into a phone socket.

    The VoIP box was on EBay as working with Skype - but that probably means
    It came with a standard RJ11 cable and I got myself all confused with the
    pins that should connect as the pins on the cable with the phone were (I
    think) 1&4 whereas the cable with the Skype box were 2&3.

    There was no protocol or anything else with the VoIP box - it was supposed
    to be a case of plug in and it works. There was no tech support worth having

    I have to admit I have put it all back in a box close to the back door. The
    DECT phone I bought for the job I have given away - and really, I'm looking
    not so much now to make that set up work, but to have a setup with my
    existing DECT phones working with Skype.

    I do appreciate all the assistance though.

, Jun 24, 2005

    Ian Guest

    No it means it will work with skype, Most of these usb devices will work,
    for the reason i haev posted earlier
    That may be the case what you needed was a simple USA to UK adaptor plugged
    into the BOX
    None should have been needed
    What you have is proberly the easist way of doing that. but to get you
    existing dect sets and the adaptor working you would need a pbx, but you
    could get sets registered to both basestations
    One small point though, At no point have you given any description of what
    did or did not work, you have given no description of symptoms, what
    installed on you PC when you connected it, what or anything was heard from
    the dect phone.

    Would you ring the garage and tell them your car wont start, and expect them
    to tell you why without any clues?

    What you have will work. whether you can get it working is another thing.
    And to get any assistance you will have to describe what you have done, what
    happend, and what didnt happen.

    Ian, Jun 24, 2005
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