Can't sync Win XP to server over wireless

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Graeme Frew, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. Graeme Frew

    Graeme Frew Guest

    I have an ADSL modem/router to which I have connected a wireless router. I
    have set up both devices as DHCP servers and have a desktop PC and laptop
    connected to them. However I have a couple of problems with the setup.

    1. In order to be able to access the wireless router setup screens using its
    preset IP address ( from the desktop PC I have to connect its
    LAN cable to the wireless router. If I hook up the desktop directly to the
    modem/router ( the web browser cannot reach the wireless router.
    Why is this? Should only the modem / router act as a DHCP server?

    2. I can connect to the internet, get email, web surf and make VPN
    connections from my laptop using wireless. However for some reason when
    using wireless I cannot connect to the fileservers at my workplace over the
    VPN connection. I can connect to the Exchange server at work (using Outlook
    in both online and offline mode) but if I try to synchronize files or get at
    files on the file servers everything grinds to a halt. This does not happen
    if I use a LAN cable connected to the modem/router, I am able to synchronize
    files and access the files without any problems.

    Are these two issues indicative of an incorrect configuration of the two

    Graeme Frew, Jan 29, 2005
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  2. Come on man, if you bypass the router and connect directly to the
    modem/router, how do you expect to talk to the router? Also, I would not
    connect a second router to the first router. what you want is an access

    In order to use your VPN connection, you usually have to go into the routers
    firewall settings and enable VPN pass through.

    Again, I suggest getting rid of the second router and get an access point.
    Can the second router you have be setup as an access point?
    Robert Jacobs, Jan 29, 2005
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  3. Graeme Frew

    Graeme Guest

    I had thought that at the very least I could connect to the wireless
    router (a D-Link DI-514) via the modem/router using the IP address
    assigned to it by the modem / router. I understand that I would not be
    able to connect using the wireless routers own address.

    The D-Link setup screens for wireless refer to the device being an
    access point. There are also setup screens for what are refered to as
    LAN and WAN - neither of which I have touched.

    The setup I have works with VPNs - up to a point. HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP
    and IMAP traffic seems to get through fine (I can surf the web and
    sync to Exchange over a VPN) but whatever protocols are used for
    connecting to a file server and syncing files seem to be blocked. I am
    using a NAT firewall on the modem / router but no software firewall on
    the laptop. The firewall on the wireless router has some default rules
    one of which seems to deny inbound traffic for protocol <IP (0), *>.

    Graeme, Jan 30, 2005
  4. ok, I have the dlink 514 in my network also. Do you have a Rev B or Rev C?

    Lets get down to it.

    The 514 is not able to be placed in an AP mode. it is strickly a router,
    that is the reason you are unable to see your wired side.

    Is there anyway to disable the router in your modem? If so I can get you up
    and running 100% in my next post. I guess either way I can get you up in my
    next post. But if you can disable the router on the modem it would be so
    much easier.

    Robert Jacobs, Jan 30, 2005
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