Can't see wireless router

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by Bill Ridgeway, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. My computer can't see my Orange mini Livebox wireless router even though
    security is set to none. The router is normally next to the computer but I
    have also tried it several feet away with the same result. My Laptop will
    connect OK to Broadband via this router. Any ideas why and how to resolve
    this please?


    Bill Ridgeway
    Bill Ridgeway, Apr 6, 2009
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  2. Bill Ridgeway

    Vanshaj Daga Guest

    Firstly where in your computer you want to see it. Just go to internet
    explore and type in the ip address of your router that's it and if you want
    to see it in windows xp then you have an option in Network to show uPnp
    devices, enable it but you will need xp cd. Mostly IP address of router is if not set to anything else. I hope this is what you want.
    Vanshaj Daga, Apr 19, 2009
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