Can't 'ReStart' PC - only 'ShutDown'

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Billy Goodson, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Hi folks -
    I've installed TweakUI for the benefits it gives me for the look of my
    DeskTop Screen. I also tried installing ReStart and ShutDown Buttons on my
    DeskTop but could only get the ShutDown button - which I've now deleted from
    my machine. I don't know if either of those actions have anything to do with
    this but when I go to Start>ShutDown>ReStart, my PC shuts down but doesn't
    restart back up again. I have to manually shut my PC 'OFF' and restart it
    again. I wanted to save a second and now, have gained 120 of them!
    I can't go to System Restore because, for some reason, I always get a
    message telling me that my PC can't be restored back to the date and time
    I've selected, no matter which bold date I choose to go back to.
    So I'm in a little mess here and would greatly appreciate any reply
    regarding a way to solve either of these problems/situations.
    Hope to hear from someone soon!
    And thanks an awful lot,
    Billy Goodson, Jun 14, 2004
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  2. Billy  Goodson

    °Mike° Guest

    What have you done via TweakUI?

    You say you 'installed' "ReStart/ShutDown Buttons". Is
    this third party software you are talking about?
    °Mike°, Jun 14, 2004
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  3. Billy  Goodson

    Phil® Guest

    What operating system?

    Consider using: scanreg /restore

    Start Windows in MS-DOS mode (press the Ctrl key as soon as your PC starts.
    This will get you the Bootup menu.
    Once the menu is up, choose Command prompt only)
    Type Scanreg /restore at the prompt press [ENTER]
    You will get a screen where you can select which registry backup to use
    Choose the last known [STARTED} and choose Restore
    When ready you'll be prompted to Restart your computer.

    Billy Goodson said:
    Phil®, Jun 14, 2004
  4. Billy  Goodson

    Unk Guest

    Shutdown troubleshooter for Windows XP

    Resources to Help Troubleshoot Shutdown Problems in Windows XP


    You can reinstall System Restore with these steps:

    1. Click Start, Run, In the Run box, type "C:\windows\inf" without the
    quotes and press enter.
    2. Look for SR.INF and RightClick on it, then LeftClick it, select "Install"

    Follow the prompts, Reboot and System Restore will be ready to use.
    Unk, Jun 15, 2004
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