Can't resolve Domain Names outside of Windows Domain

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by MTUser2007, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. MTUser2007

    MTUser2007 Guest

    i work in a Windows domain on a Lenovo T60p laptop. I connect via wireless.
    Everything works fine when I log in the domain. When I leave the domain, I
    cannot use IE to browse nor send mail. Skype works.

    Troubleshooting so far reveals that I can ping IP addresses and can visit
    websites by IP address if it does not involve name resolution. I cannot
    resolve any names. IP config shows that I have name servers assigned. If I
    try to over ride the name servers by putting name servers in the network
    adapter, no difference.

    Lastly, if just log onto my machine as administrator outside of the domain,
    I still cannot resolve names.

    This is very frustrating. Any help appreciated.
    MTUser2007, Jan 24, 2008
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  2. You didn't mention whether you're using Access Connections or Windows to
    manage your network settings. I much prefer the latter & always uninstall
    the former and suggest you try this. I have no problems without Access
    Connections running.
    Lanwench [MVP - Exchange], Jan 26, 2008
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