Can't receive Net, but see traffic, and can VOIP

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by zofficedepot, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. zofficedepot

    zofficedepot Guest

    Suddenly I became unable to receive anything at home over the net. In
    the past I've corrected this either with repowering or shutting down
    XP - home (as opposed to my typical hibernation). But not this time :
    ( I'm a heavy PC user and applications programmer, but a real IP and
    connectivity moron, so bear with me. And I know this is long, but I'm
    trying to get you everything relevant.

    I have Time-Warner cable (a.k.a. Road Runner) configured in this order
    Cable Modem
    Linksys router (non wireless)
    PC with XP
    Sygate Personal Firewall and Windows (XP) firewall
    Internet Explorer 6

    Vonage supplied the router. I use VOIP. This is the only thing that
    works! No web. No Messenger. No anything else that uses the Net.

    I've tried overnight powerdowns, even plug away from wall; full XP
    shutdowns; clicking on "automatically detect settings" under LAN
    settings, and back off again; bypassed the router; while bypassing
    tried the other ethernet cable instead; disabled both firewalls.


    Checking the Sygate traffic log, almost 100% of the trickle of traffic
    shows (or .255). It SHOULD show things like the Google
    IP and everywhere else I try to browse. But there's not even an
    ATTEMPT to connect to Google shown. (And if some firewall rule was
    blocking, that should have shown on the log.)

    The only remote host address among dozens of log
    entries is However, sadly, I can't even backtrace that with
    Sygate Firewall, 'cuz I can't get to the Net :( :( :)

    Watching the firewall's activity graph, while clicking "hide broadcast
    traffic," I see blips from my webmail checker - but only outgoing, and
    zero bytes incoming. And when Roadrunner support tried remote
    diagnosis, I could see both incoming AND outgoing blips.

    ROADRUNNER support says I have a bad NIC card. Is this all I can try?!
    Sounds bogus to me. What about the blips on the Firewall graph?

    Finally, if I uncheck "hide broadcast traffic" I can see continuous
    movement on the activity graph. Tiny, but something. This is like
    "noise" that just buzzes along, regardless of whether I have an
    application attempting traffic.

    What can I try now?
    zofficedepot, Apr 18, 2007
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  2. zofficedepot

    Chris H Guest

    Chris H, Apr 18, 2007
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