Can't open .doc email attachment

Discussion in 'General Computer Support' started by dropdeadlegs, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Oct 30, 2006
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    My son's teacher began sending Word documents via email today. Wordpad is the default program to open this type of file. I also have Works 5.0 and tried changing the default program, but had the same problem.

    Wordpad opens but an error window pops up stating "Wordpad has caused an error in MSWRD832.CNV. Wordpad will now close" Thinking I might need a Word viewer or Converter, I went to only to find that ME is no longer supported by Microsoft. The only Viewer (Word 2003 viewer) I found required XP. Arrggh! In trying to use Works to open the doc the error message was similar (can't remember exactly) except instead of the MSWRD part it was obviously referring to Microsoft Works, might have been MSWKWP, but the 832.CNV part immediately followed.

    My OS is Windows ME which came preloaded on my HP Pavillion V50. I know ME sucks, but the computer was free and it's what I have to work with for today. I use Outlook Express 6 to receive email. I have Microsoft Works (also preloaded) and have used the word processor successfully many times. Of course those file types are .wsp. I'm not sure what other info would be needed to assist....

    Any ideas or assistance are appreciated. I'm not all that savvy, but I'm no ding-a-ling either and can usually solve my problems with a few quick online searches. I have been looking all day and have searched this forum's threads by title. I'm about to the point of looking into XP and Microsoft Office as the only solution to what seems like it can't be that big of a problem. Thanks for reading!
    dropdeadlegs, Oct 30, 2006
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