Can't install Image Web Server ECW plug-in for IE [rather long]

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Pepper, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Pepper

    Pepper Guest

    Please can anybody help.
    Running Win95b, IE5.5sp2,
    I apparently now need the ECW plugin to continue accessing

    but it will not install automatically from the above site. After trying to do it
    manually I get
    ncsview contains
    ; This section is required for compatibility on both Windows 95 and Windows NT.

    [Setup Hooks]

    but when I try installing ncsview nothing appears to happen.
    I've found CABInst.exe in
    C:\Program Files\Earth Resource Mapping\Image Web Server\Client
    but when I run it from there I get
    Error Starting Program
    The NCSUTIL.DLL file is linked to missing export

    I've tried googling and MSKB but found nothing to help that I could understand.
    Extra info:
    For security I use Spybot 1.3, SpywareBlaster3.2, WinPatrol8, AVG6, and eTrust
    EZ Antivirus all up to date and set for max protection.
    Also, ZoneAlarm2.6.362(Later versions won't run on Win95).
    I have a vague idea that one of these programs may have a setting to prevent
    adding activex plugins but have been unable to find it.

    Pepper, Oct 19, 2004
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  2. Pepper

    pcbutts1 Guest

    You have an obsolete operating system, upgrade it.
    pcbutts1, Oct 20, 2004
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